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Backup Plan Pt 1

Posted on Mon Aug 14th, 2017 @ 9:24pm by Ensign Helena Lancaster & Chief Warrant Officer Julia Little & Ensign D'vorek & Ensign Tanner Johannson

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Current

Preparing for the unknown was always tricky. However, difficult did not mean impossible. As she waited for the team to arrive, Helena instructed the computer to set up the program.

“Computer creates a holoprogram with the following parameters. I want a randomly generated alien starship interior. They are to have at least warp five capability and utilize Casimir stabilizers as part of their propulsion system. There is to be moderate resistance from the crew, which is to be made up of various species who have been hostile to the Federation. Starting location will be transporter room 3 of the Nomad. The team will transport to within a five deck radius of the engine room.”

She paused to consider any additional parameters.
“Add a twenty minute timer before automatic failure. Time starts once the team materializes on the alien ship.”

While the ticking clock wouldn’t be known, at least the first time, it would prevent the team from taking a long time to accomplish the mission. The quicker one left a hostile environment, the better. If necessary, she could adjust the specifications of the program based on the team’s performance and feedback.

Julia Little, the Nomad's Chief Auxiliary Craft Pilot, strolled into the Holodeck casually a few moments later; she wore her loose, brightly coloured flight deck overalls, with her standard uniform underneath it. She appeared to move from the corridor outside the holodeck to standing just inside one of the Nomad's Transporter Rooms. She was shaking her arms around loosely attempting to relax her muscles as she made her way over to the security officer.

"Am I to late too join?" She asked rather hopefully.

It was a bit unexpected that the pilot would wish to join the training mission, but Helena wasn't going to turn away willing participants.

"Nope, welcome to the team Chief."

Provisional Ensign D'vorek had heard of a tactical training exercise and made sure he would participate. All of the repairs he had been doing had become rather tedious and mundane. He entered the holodeck with his bat'leth. It had been far too long since it had been unleashed. Even a holographic combatant would do. He turned to Ensign Lancaster, who seemed to be coordinating the simulation. "When does the battle begin?"

"The battle will begin in a few minutes. We still have some preliminaries to go over."

While his combat skills would be useful, Helena would also be relying on the Klingon's engineering skills.

Tanner took a deep breath, he was nervous. He'd been assigned to the training mission by his superior officer however, he really didn't want to go. He stood outside the holodeck for several minutes before entering.
'Come on, you can do this.' -he thought to himself.

Putting his best foot forward, Johansson made his way into the holodeck and spotted the very imposing Klingon engineer that he'd heard so much about and tried not to make eye contact, then he noticed Helena and Julia who seemed somewhat more approachable.

"I'm here for the training mission, he softly spoke."

This wasn't shaping up to be the experienced group of warriors and engineers Helena would have preferred. However, as she had recently reminded Lt Seanwin, everyone had to start somewhere. She also took comfort in the fact that Petty Officers Shairg & Zirafit were still enroute from the security department.

"Welcome to the team Ensign. We'll begin shortly."

She gave what she hoped was a reassuring smile to the young man.

"While we wait for a few more people to arrive, I have a question for those of you with engineering experience. Once we reach the engine room, how long will it take to procure the Casimir stabilizers?"

The brunette pilot, standing closest to Helena, spoke first. “uh, I could do it in about two minutes. . .” she smiled sheepishly. “of course, it might have a few extra bits still attached.” The pilot had some limited engineering experience, a minor course taken at the Academy had seen to that. Julia figured that if it didn’t matter at all, a phaser could cut the stabilizer out with little effort.

"But I’m just a pilot. . ." she glanced towards the brawny Engineer.

Tanner quickly looked at the mission briefing that he'd downloaded onto a PaDD and brought with him. "Casimir Stabilisers, Casimir Stabilisers..." -he muttered to himself. He tapped several buttons on the PaDD in an attempt to locate where they'd be found.
He pointed at the PaDD and leaned into Julia, "Is this what we're looking for?" -he asked somewhat sheepishly.

Julia had to stop swinging her arms I’m order not to hit Tanner, she wasn’t expecting him to get that close - She could smell him. “Uh, yes. . .? It’s got that sticky-out-bit and the bendy thing there. . .” she pointed at the diagram as she spoke.

But there was something else on the pilot’s mind, “If, we are stealing Casimir Stabilizers,” she thought aloud. “Then why don’t we just take anything that isn’t welded down too? I mean it’s not like we are going to be friends if it gets that far anyway.” Then she coughed, as if guilty that she’d thought such a thing like that to begin with.

D'vorek scoffed. As proficient as he was at felling his enemies, he was equally skilled in all things engineering. "I will disengage the stabilizer. I would no sooner trust any of you around an engine room any more than you would me around a banquet for one of your human dignitaries."

"So, just to be clear..." -Tanner spoke up, somewhat fearful of offending Helena, "...this mission is to steal technology from the Kopporaans, but what about the Prime Directive?" Wondering if he'd just alienated himself from the entire group, Tanner awkwardly awaited a response from the senior officer...

Both people had raised some valid questions about the mission, so Helena did her best to answer them.

"Our primary goal is to acquire the stabilizers, one which I want to accomplish as quickly as possible. We get in, find the engine room, grab the stabilizers and get out. As for the Prime Directive, it's kind of a gray area. Chief, you can correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is there exceptions to the rule. Should our mission be launched, it will be in response to hostilities on their end. During such times, the restrictions on the Prime Directive are loosened."

As she finished talking, Helena noticed the other two security guards had arrived, so once the discussion was wrapped up they could start the actual training.

"I’m just a pilot. . ." Julia laughed it off with a shrug, perhaps a little to easily, as she moved towards the transporter pad. 'Just follow the orders, don't think about it,' she thought to herself. She knew fine well, given the position she was in, that it probably wouldn't matter what she did. Her record would take a beating while she was on this ship.

Considering the circumstances, Helena wasn't going to spend any more time dwelling on the legality of the plan.
"It's settled then. Let's gear up and start the simulation."


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