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Evidence or Nonchalance

Posted on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 6:40am by Commander Brooke Niamh & Lieutenant Grace Shaw M.D. & Commander Maxwell Pierce

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Brooke Niamh's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Grace rushed out of the turbo, down the corridor and began frantically knocking on Brooke Niamh's door.
The data to which Brooke had sent her had pretty much sent her over the edge.
Sliding open slowly, the doors to Brooke's quarters still having not been repaired, Grace entered to find Commander Pierce and Commander Niamh in what could only be described as 'entrenched in talks.'

Brooke looked at her watch, she'd sent her findings to the good doctor literally three minutes ago -which explained why Grace was so out of breath. "Take a seat, Doctor." -Brooke remarked, gesturing to the empty sofa chair opposite her and Commander Pierce.

Grace cautiously made her way over, she wasn't expecting Brooke to have called a meeting with Max, yet here he was. She wondered if Brooke had called the meeting to try and exonerate herself or confess to being the spy.
"As I was just telling our commander, Grace and I met several days ago after she was concerned that their was a possible spy onboard." -Brooke started. "...needless to say, I'm not the spy that you're looking for however, I understand how my assignment here may appear that way."

Pierce stoked his beard. He looked Commander Niamh up and down with suspicion. He had enough to worry about, but now there was the threat of espionage and subterfuge aboard his ship and it gave him pause. The Commander had given him no reason to suspect her. On the other hand, nothingng she had done exonerated her either. "Well, Commander, it seems I have no choice but to take you at your word." After pausing for effect, he added, "For now."

Grace was somewhat startled. After all, Brooke had just came straight out with it. She wasn't the spy.
"Ok; then who is?" -Grace asked, equally as blunt.
"Well, that was something I hope you can help me with."
Grace produced the PaDD that she'd tucked into her pristine white uncreased medical jacket pocket. "Ah yes. Our Rizzari DNA." -she handed the PaDD to Max.

"Interesting," Max said as he studied the data. The whole point of their mission was to make contact with the Razzari in Sector 557-B. The intel in front of him suggested one may have been aboard the Nomad the entire time.

"As you can see Commander, we have somewhat of a problem. This was found in our first officers quarters."

Max looked at Dr. Shaw, then to Commander Niamh, and back again. "Are you telling me the Razzari are on my ship? Now? Unchecked?"

"Anyone with any contact with the Rizzari could have left that trace of DNA." -Brooke remarked, almost defensively.

"That's not quite how it works, Miss. Niamh." -Grace responded, "And if we went by that assessment then you've pretty much damned both of us."

Brooke knew that Grace had contact with the Rizzari, that she managed to keep one of them alive for two days however, it was never understood just how Grace managed it. In what could appear to look like she was deflecting attention away from herself, the mission specialist suddenly spoke. "Dynehart."
The first officer's name fell out of her mouth. She looked at both Grace and Max, almost shocked. But it was out there. There was no taking it back.

"That would explain a hell of a lot." -Grace replied.

Pierce held his hand up and scowled noticeably. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," he said in clear annoyance. "Are you suggesting our First Officer is somehow linked to a Razzari spy aboard? Or that he is a spy?"

"He never did come in for his physical. Grace continued, "...the last meeting we were all at, he was acting very strangely. Hell, he was downright rude."

"He has barely spoken two words to me since then, he keeps giving the junior officers unusual orders and I even had Chief Harding tell me that the first officer hasn't slept in his quarters for since we cleared the void." -Brooke couldn't stop herself now. She just kept going on and on and on. "And more over, I haven't seen our chief engineer for the best part of two days now."

Grace genuinely didn't know what to say. Brooke was either doing a spectacular job at incriminating someone else or she was on the money. "So what shall we do?" -the good doctor asked.

Brooke shook her head, "Whatever we do, we need to make sure we keep this to ourselves. We'd have complete pandemonium onboard if our crew of thieves, reprobates, thugs and criminals learnt that their first officer was a Rizzari."

Grace was somewhat offended, there were a few good men and women aboard. Not many admittedly, but there were a few who had actually earned their right to be here. "Commander?" -Grace turned to Max, "How do you want to play it?"

Max paced back and forth, wearing a path into Niamh's carpet. After what seemed an eternity, he finally stopped. "I'll have the Commander meet me in sickbay. I'll order him to submit to a physical. Any signs of abnormal or erratic behavior and I'll signal Doctor Shaw." Pierce turned to Shaw with a heavy heart. "You'll be prepared to erect a level 5 force field. Then we will have our answer. Of course, I hope you're both wrong and it doesn't come to that."

"As do I, Commander Pierce, as do I." -Grace replied...


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