The First Hurdle

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 4:19am by Ensign Gweneira Emberly & Commander Maxwell Pierce & Lieutenant Commander Christopher Dynehart & Commander Brooke Niamh

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Commander Pierce's Ready Roon
Timeline: Current

Commander Pierce wasn't sure how to feel. He'd just received a recorded message from Admiral Rhoades indicating the presence of someone from the Intelligence division aboard his ship. Gwen Emberly, a simple Counselor, was in fact a plant. Pierce trusted Rhoades, but it was becoming painfully obvious that the trust did not go both ways.

Pierce assembled his First Officer and Mission Adviser to brief their new Chief Intelligence Officer. However, Pierce had a sneaking suspicion he was the one about to be briefed.

As he finished watching Rhoades' recording for the fifth time in disbelief, Pierce shut off his monitor as the crew entered.

Brooke smiled as she entered the ready room, immediately followed by the first officer, Commander Dynehart.

Christopher didn't wait for any acknowledgment or welcome and proceeded to take a seat opposite Max.

"Your call seemed pretty serious, commander?" -Brooke remarked, waiting for the commander to offer her a seat.

Gweneira entered after them, hands clasped behind her back, her uniform still that of a Counselor. Much as she was 'activated', she still did not want to cause more of a stirrup and more mistrust than there was already going on.

"Sorry ser, ma'am." Gwen opened as the doors closed behind her. "I felt it best yeh three be the first ones informed. I'm Ensign Gwen Emberly. On the rost'r I'm listed as a Counselor, but' as the Capt'n was just informed, I'm an Intelligence Offic'r an' I've been 'activat'd' by Admiral Rhoades."

Pierce made some staffing adjustments on his PADD, then lazily threw it on his desk in frustration. He took a moment and collected himself. He revered Rhoades and considered him a mentor. This was a stab in the back of the highest order.

He looked up at crew in front of him, immediately locking eyes with Ensign Emberly. "It seems, in his infinite wisdom, that Admiral Rhoades deemed in necessary to plant an Intelligence Officer aboard our ship under the guise of ship Counselor. Ensing Emberly is here at the behest of the Admiral and we are to cooperate fully in her information gathering efforts in reporting the findings on this sector and all we encounter." Pierce sniffed aggressively. "This, of course, is in addition to any official reports I send as Commander of this vessel, you as First Officer, and you and Mission Adviser."

"Tha' bein' said, I am not' here t' hamper the Nomad an' her crew. I'm not' int'rested in causing any more issues than have already cropped up." Gwen added, "and my psychological services are still at your disposal."

Pierce, not trusting Emberly as far as he could throw her, steepled his fingers under his chin. "The way I see it Ensign, you have two choices; you either abandon whatever fool's errand Rhoades has set you on and align yourself with this crew and its mission, or you deceive everyone around you in pursuit of a higher plan."

Gwen raised an eyebrow, "ser, ye won't believe me either way. So maybe we need a third option?" She kept her tone even and as respectful as she could make it.

Pierce looked over at his First Officer. "Any suggestions, Commander?"

Dynehart's expression was somewhat as though he couldn't care less either way. Yet inwardly, something about this revelation rattled him. "Frankly, commander, we have a ship full of liars, ex-cons and former terrorists..." -he shifted in his seat, pausing for a second to gather his thoughts. "One more isn't going to make a great deal of difference." He looked over at Brooke before continuing. Niamh was similarly unimpressed with the situation and shook her head out of frustration.
"No offence, but It's clear that we can't put her off the ship and that we're stuck with her. Besides feeding her to the Kopporrans, I for one am interested in seeing what little games she has to play."

"Really?" -Brooke interjected, feeling somewhat undermined. After all, Brooke was a former Starfleet Intel officer. She was assigned her directly from Starfleet Intelligence and whilst it appeared that Emberly's directive was somewhat different to hers, she felt uneasy.

"Are we seriously considering letting someone who's lied since setting foot on the ship remain in a prominent role aboard the ship?" Brooke unfolded her arms and turned her back on the others.

"Commander Niamh, I appreciate what you're saying, but what can we do, stick her in the brig and feed her scraps for the next few months can we?" -Chris spoke out freely. This was the first time in the last few days that Chris had actually shown any kind of compassion -something that Brooke noticed and caused her to turn back around.

"Miss Emberly..." Chris started, "You may have noticed that whilst the rest of the crew are somewhat wayward however the majority of the command crew are a little more by the book. It's going to take us all a little time to get used to this situation and I can appreciate why both commanders are somewhat disappointed. I for one am not angry at you, more the admiralty." Chris turned back to Max, "We're either going to have to work with her or work against her and to be honest, the latter option isn't viable considering our circumstances."

His two pence worth noted, Dynehart sat back in his chair. Brooke didn't say anything further, except, "It's up to you Max. It's your ship."

"Like I said, I'm not 'ere t' hamper this ship. I have neither the authority nor the desire to interfere with 'ow matters are bein' handled." Gwen sighed, "I want' t' get to the bottom of this as much as everyone does."

An' t' figure out why Rhoades wants to bury you.

Max stood, signaling an end to the meeting. He was left more frustrated than before the meeting began. With a sharp gaze towards Emberly, he offered what little he could as far as compromise. "Since you've technically done nothing wrong, there's no precedence to confine you to quarters or send you to the brig. You'll take your post and report directly to those in this room. Any deviation, or even a hint of subterfuge, and you'll find yourself in a very compromising position. Do I make myself clear?"

"Aye, ser, I can work with tha'."