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To Have And To Withhold Part I

Posted on Tue Aug 1st, 2017 @ 2:31pm by Commander Brooke Niamh & Lieutenant Grace Shaw M.D. & Lieutenant JG Ediazar "Eddie" Ch'zythal & Chief Petty Officer Kiay Harding
Edited on on Tue Aug 1st, 2017 @ 2:35pm

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Crew Quarters/Bio Lab
Timeline: Current

Brooke sat alone in her quarters, a half eaten plate of food sat next to her computer as she worked her way through several classified documents and folders worth of information provided to her by Starfleet Intelligence.
So far, nothing had peeked her attention, a lot of the information concerning the Rizzari related to various mission reports provided by the survivors of the USS Atlanta, the Galaxy-Class starship that engaged the Rizzari during ‘the incident.’
Other files contained long and drawn out medical profiles, bio data and information gathered by the Nomad’s doctor, Grace Shaw.
Her search for more information relating to the jump drive, a way of trying to appease the Nomad crew who were clearly starting to think she was holding out on them, Brooke stumbled across a highly restricted entry in the database.
Attempting to open the file, Brooke started to become more and more frustrated, her command clearance simply wouldn’t open the file.
Letting out a deep sigh and pushing away her desk top computer, Brooke shook her head in frustration and walked over to the window.
She knew that another officer aboard the Nomad had a higher security clearance than her, but could she really trust her.

After an hour contemplating asking Grace for assistance, Brook decided that she had no choice, their mission depended on knowing what was in the file. Tapping her combadge, Brooke sat down in one of the more comfier chairs in her quarters and asked the computer to locate the doctor.
“Doctor Shaw is in the bio-lab.” -the computer immediately responded.
‘Looks like repairs are going well.’ -remarked Brooke, one by one, Chamling’s engineering teams had been making repairs to the ship and it would appear that the computer systems appeared to have been restored to their former glory.
Making her way back to her desk, the turkey sandwiches that she’d ordered several hours ago having gone stale, Commander Niamh asked the computer to copy the file that she couldn’t access to a PaDD and to download all relevant information she couldn’t gain access to at her security level. Picking up the PaDD, Grace took a swig of the orange juice she’d replicated along with her meal and made her way for the door…

“Bio Lab.” -Brooke called, stepping into the turbolift. The computer chimed in acknowledgement and the lift sped up to her destination. Shaking slightly, the turbolift systems clearly hadn’t received the same attention that the computer had and it made for an unsettling journey.
Jerking to a stop, the turbolift doors slid open -she had arrived on deck twelve. The bio lab was three decks up.
“Great. I’ll just walk.” -she muttered to herself.
“Hold the lift!” -a voice called out from behind several boxes.
Placing her hand in front of the door, preventing the turbolift from resuming, “Do you need a hand?” -Grace asked
“Oh, it’s fine, I’ve got this.” -remarked the ship’s resident Andorian, Ediazar Ch’zythal.
With that, the vicariously balanced boxes that he picked up fell to the deck.
“Seriously, it’s no bother.”
‘Eddie’ as he liked to be called, by way of acclimating to the Starfleet crew, smiled, “thank you…commander?”
Picking up one of the three boxes and loading it into the turbolift, Brooke smiled, “Commander Niamh”
“Pleasure to meet you, m’am.” -he replied, placing the other two boxes on to the turbolift floor. “Where you headed?”
“I’m just heading to the bio lab.”
“Ah, perfect, I’m heading to deck nine also, mind if I tag along.” -he asked politely.
“Of course…”

As the turbolift doors parted on deck nine, both Grace and Eddie were laughing heartily.
“…The clown can stay, but the Ferengi and the gorilla suit has to go!” -joked Eddie.
Brooke had tried to keep her composure, but almost howled at the Andorian’s joke. 
“Well, it’s been lovely meeting you, but I have a few errands to run, are you going to be alright with those?” -Brooke asked, pointing at the boxes.
“I’ll take them one at a time, it’s no bother.”

“Commander Niamh, what a lovely surprise.” -Grace said warmly as Brooke entered the bio lab. “…what brings you down here.”
Brooke had managed to regain her composure following her encounter with Ch’zythal in the turbolift and returned to her sombre nature.
“I need a favour.” -she started, looking curiously at whatever it was Grace was working on. “…what is that?”
“Oh, it’s an unusual DNA sample, something I’m working on with Mr. Harding.”
Brooke didn’t say anything, she could tell Grace wanted to explain her findings, she looked particularly engrossed in whatever it was she was working on. “…I’ve only ever came across something like this once before, its fascinating.”
Brooke paused for a second, she looked at the display readouts and immediately recognised the DNA pattern. “Let me guess, it’s about a year since you last saw it.”
Grace put down the bio-molecular scanner she was holding and turned off the display. 
“I don’t mean to be indelicate commander, but you’re starting to get somewhat of a reputation on this ship.”
“Oh?” -Grace remarked, sitting down on one of the stools opposite the doctor.
“People are genuinely starting to wonder just how much you really know about our current mission.”
Brooke let out a sigh, she also loosened her posture somewhat. Looking slightly deflated, Brooke shook her head. “Grace, I know you’ve come to me before and questioned why I’m really here. That you were concerned that their was a spy onboard, well, I…”
It didn’t take a Betazoid to read Brooke’s mind, it was clear why Brooke was here. Well, it was clear to Grace. To anyone else, it would have required a little more directness. “You need my command codes don’t you.”
Grace hit the nail on the head.
It surprised Brooke. It also surprised Brooke that Grace’s command codes were higher than hers and that she wasn’t made aware as to why.
“Just out of curiosity doctor…” -Grace straightened up again, “Why are YOU here?” -she asked, equally as blunt.
Grace smiled.
“You retired from Starfleet years ago and run a private practice. What would bring a woman like you, a woman who’s managed to make a life for herself away from Starfleet come back on a mission like this?”
“You can take the explorer out of New York, but you can’t take the Doctor out of Starfleet.” -Grace rather sarcastically replied.
“What’s that supposed t…”
“Look commander.” -Grace cut her off, “I’m here because like you, we’re one of only a handful of people that have actually seen what the Rizzari looks like. My commission was reactivated and my privileges of that commission were reinstated also. I didn’t have a choice about coming along on this joy ride and frankly, as soon as we’re done here, I’m going back to New York to spend time with cat, a lot of gin and resume my search for the next Mr. Shaw.”
Brooke smiled, she didn’t quite know what to say. In all her years in Starfleet, she’d never had anyone speak to her so freely.
“You can have my command codes, but you need to tell the Pierce about the data files…you need to tell him what’s on them.”
This was the second time that the doctor had made this request. Brooke had a lot on her plate, she was warned by Starfleet Command that she would be pushed to the test on this mission and that she must keep her resolve.
“I…I…” -Brooke struggled to finish.
Grace placed her hand on the commanders, “I know you’re in a difficult position, Brooke. But you need to do what’s right. We’re out here alone, if whatever is on those files is useful, you need to pass the information on to the commander.”
“I know.” -she replied softly.

With that, the computer beeped. ‘DNA comparative matching complete. Positive ID match found.’

Grace retracted her hand from Brooke’s and switched the monitor back on. As she did that, Kiay walked into the bio-lab.
“What have you found?” -he asked the doctor.
Doctor Shaw looked at the monitor in stunned silence, then, turning back to look at Kiay she seemed shocked at the result.
“The command codes?” -Brooke interjected, pushing a PaDD underneath the doctor’s nose.
Grace entered her high level security code into the PaDD with no hesitation, she barely looked at the PaDD as she keyed in the code.
Whatever it was that had distracted her and pulled Kiay away from his duties was enough to warrant Grace signing over a command code that was reserved to high level Starfleet Intelligence Officers, Flag Officers and a handful of officers within the highest echelons of the admiralty.
Brooke was surprised. More than surprised, she had the same look of shock on her face that Grace did having reviewed the findings of her DNA scan.
“So, I’ll leave you to two it shall I?”
Both Kiay and Grace didn’t respond, they busily worked their findings on the viewer in front of them as Brooke made her way out of the lab…

Brooke found herself back behind her desk in her quarters. The glow from her desk top computer illuminated her face, all other lighting had been lowered. The commander could feel her heart quicken in her chest as she keyed in Grace’s command codes.
With that, the LCARS display in front of her flickered and changed from it’s customary yellows and blues to that of a red hue.



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