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Yin & Yang

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 10:33pm by Ensign D'vorek & Lieutenant JG Naar Grehk

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current

D'vorek emerged from the Jeffries tube into Main Engineering shouting Klingonese profanities. He rose to his full height and stretched, cracking his back. In frustration, he threw his hyperspanner across the room.

He walked over to the nearest console and attempted to make entries, but the computer chimed in defiance. D'vorek slammed his fists down on the console repeatedly. "PetaQ! Toruk-doh!" He growled and grimaced and his cranial ridges seemed to vibrate in anger. "This human technology is useless!"

"Well, aren't you just the ugliest, smelliest, piece of fecal matter that ever walked into an engine room," a rough voice said from behind him. "What happened? The mess hall run out of Gagh or did your par'ma'kai run off with the captain? Whatever the reason is, you overgrown killing machine, you don't touch my equipment like that! Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth, Ensign? Or do I need to get a first-grade teaching hologram to come down here and teach you the standard alphabet?"

D'vorek stared at the little man for what seemed several minutes. He closed in on the Tellarite and bent severely at the waist in order to establish close quarter eye contact. "There is a word for your people in Klingonese. It translates roughly to appetizer." He left out a hefty laugh. D'vorek produced a new hyperspanner from his waistband. "Perhaps I am not the problem. Perhaps your ship and your equipment is far too fragile. Klingon tools can withstand the rigors of a Klingon engineer." He stood up again and regarded the tool with a delicate touch. "I shall treat your tools as I would your feelings, Tellarite; with the care of a newborn Targ."

"Don't do me any favors, Gagh Breath," Grehk said, scowling at him. "Now what the frell are you up to? Your name isn't on my personnel roster and I don't remember lowering the bathing standards of my people. Didn't your mother teach you what soap is?"

Standing straight up, D'vorek lifted his left arm and smelled his armpit. He grinned at the Tellarite slyly. "The musk of a warrior," he said proudly. D'vorek took two steps to the nearest console and pulled up his assignment log. It indicated he was to repair deck plating via a spacewalk (which he'd already completed) and realign the plasma induction manifolds, which is what he was doing in the Jeffries tube prior to his outburst.

He gestured to the screen. "Perhaps you are too short to reach the screen," D'vorek said with a deeply sarcastic hiss. "Would you like me to build a stool for you so that you may see?"

"I'm not short," the Tellarite said, looking over the Klingon's shoulder at the assignment Log. He saw that it had been updated since he looked at it, a few hours ago. He looked away and started walking towards the warp core.

"Don't just do something!," he shouted to everyone watching," stand there!"

D'vorek slapped his massive hand on Grehk's thick shoulder. He let out deep, bellowing laugh. "I like you, Tellarite. You amuse me. There is no other source of entertainment on this scow." He shook Grehk to and fro with glee. "You are brave to stand toe-to-toe with someone who could easily split you in two. Come! Let us take a break and I will purchase for you a drink worthy of your bravery!"

"Maybe when my duties allow for it, Ensign. For now, let's just st get the Nomad operational before Pierce chews my ass out."


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