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Swords and Shields

Posted on Wed Aug 30th, 2017 @ 6:52pm by Ensign Helena Lancaster & Lieutenant JG Mallory Seanwin

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Security Office
Timeline: Current

Mal fixed her deep, purple eyes on the circuitry of her phaser rifle. With a few adjustments, she was certain that she could make the stun setting a little more effective in case these Koparaans tried anything funny. Making security preparations for first contact always struck her a tedious and pointless. We either fight, or we don't, she thought.

She looked up to see the rest of the Security team as it assembled. She raised her rifle up for them to see. "I can guarantee you they'll think twice after a blast or two from this."

She hoped the Koparrans were friendly, but had no issues with being prepared should everything hit the fan. Helena was glad to be out of the general staff meeting and back where she wouldn't get chastised for being armed.
"Agreed. What's the old Earth saying? 'Walk softly and carry a big stick.' I'd say the rifles count."

Mal turned her attention to Lancaster. Xenexians had a similar saying; move as the breeze, but strike as the lightning. "Have you ever had to fight an alien you just met, Ensign?"

"I have Lieutenant. Most of the War was fought against races we hadn't previously met, or had only limited encounters with. Not having any per-conceived notions about your enemy is a double edged sword. Part of the job though, is to be ready for any situation. Even those you can't predict."

When her Drill Sergeant told the recruits the necessity of preparing for the unknown, Helena didn't pay much attention. Now, however, she understood what they were referring to. The Romulans liked to use other colonized races as cannon fodder, to reduce the odds of actual Romulans dying in the conflict.

Mal was beginning to like Helena. At first, she couldn't stand her. Though, that was common for her. It was easier to keep others at a distance. She'd lost too many close to her during the wars on Xenex. More people died in Seanwin than she could hope to count. The distance protected her from herself, but made her detestable to her crew.

"Well," Mallory said with her chin lifted higher than normal, "it will be good to know I have someone with experience at my side for once."

Despite their differences, and rough first meeting, Helena had the feeling the two security officers had more in common than first thought.
"Always good to have experienced people on your side, but don't forget that we were once greenhorn's ourselves."

Mal tried to think back that far. She was only eleven seasons when she first impaled a man while defending Seanwin form a band of raiders. She remembered the blood and sounds, but couldn't remember what it was like before she knew killing. "Yes," she said meekly, "we were all innocent once."

With that out of the way, Helena moved towards the mission at hand.
"Any ideas on how to best provide security coverage while our guests our on-board?"

Mallory looked off as she pondered the plan. She thought back to all of the 'peaceful' envoys she'd dealt with on Xenex. So many ended in treachery. Fortunately, her people were always prepared. "Well, with them being clones, it will make it harder to distinguish one from another. That could pose a problem when performing headcounts or accounting for individual members of their delegation." She looked back at Helena with a raised brow. "We could enforce a limitation on group sizes and assign two security personnel to each group. I think we can work that with our staffing. One in front, one in back, always eyes on."

She had experienced multiple diplomatic missions while on the Thorin, and there were times when the delegates weren't allowed to walk around un-escorted. They usually weren't happy about the idea, but didn't really have a say in it either.

"That should work. I'd say no more than six per group, and anyone caught without an escort is to be immediately apprehended. Obviously no weapons will be allowed to be brought over, although there's always the chance they will sneak some aboard. I will be leading the boarding party, if we're needed. The plan is for us to remain in Transporter Room 3 until the Koparrans return to their ship."

"Agreed," Mal said with a sense of personal pride that she was able to work a solution together with someone for a change. Perhaps life aboard the Nomad would be different after all. "We'll keep a close eye on these people."


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