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Time To Wake Up

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 3:04am by Ensign Gweneira Emberly & Rear Admiral Kenneth Rhoades

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Deck 8, near secondary science labs
Timeline: Current

When she received her assignment, she had expected things to go wrong. They often do in such circumstances, when the unusual and the old and the unknown are banded together to perform a task. She did not expect things to go this badly however.

The drive failure, the damage to the ship. She'd managed to hear through the grapevine that a local race had answered the distress call and were on their way to aid the ship. She had to get connected with someone from the Senior Staff to learn more. A low grade Counselor could only do so much in a situation like this.

The computer sounded off suddenly, "Ensign Emberly, a communique arrived in the system for you. Would you like it initiated?"

A communique in the system? How? Their comms were down. So the only way for a sudden communication to happen was to have it already be in the system.

Bloody hell.

"Noo...I'll take et in tha Science Lab. It requires meh code, doesn't et?" She looked up on reflex.

"That is correct. A recognition code is required."

"A'right then, I'll take it in tha Lab." The scotswoman veered off her route to the nearest Turbolift and entered one of the Secondary science labs.

She made sure it was empty before she stepped over to a console and input a series of commands into it. Namely one to save a copy of this message elsewhere and erase it from being accessed from that console. The other command was to lock the door.

"Comput'r, initiate communication."

"Please provide your recognition code."

"Emberly Eta Rho 3379. Recognize." The dark haired woman dictated on a clear tone.

"Recognized. Initiating communication."

The console's display illuminated with life. An image of Admiral Kenneth Rhoades materialized. The man appeared frazzled and he looked as if he'd seen a ghost. The time stamp in the corner of the screen indicated this was a recording.

"Greetings, Ensign Emberly," Rhoades said with a heavy sigh. "If you are watching this, then the Razzari Jump Drive has failed and the Nomad is stranded in Sector 557-B. I created this interactive recording to be of assistance to you as you transition to your new role aboard the ship. It is coded to respond to a number of potential and likely queries from you. Your deep cover mission as a ship counselor is terminated. You are hereby activated and will serve aboard the Nomad as Chief Intelligence Officer."

The image of Rhoades froze as the computer's voice inserted itself. "Begin interactive dialogue."

"Is anyone on tha ship aware o' me assignment? Pierce? Dyn'art? Bakker? Niamh?" Gwen asked, sighing.

Crossing one arm under her chest, she leaned her other elbow on it and pinched the Bridge of her nose. Breaking this particular item of news to a crew dealing with a crisis of unknown proportions was never good.

The image of Rhoades flickered and shifted as the recording transitioned to a new time hack. "Your role as Chief Intelligence Officer, to this point, has been sealed. At the conclusion of this communique, Commander Pierce will receive a similar message. Until such a time as you deem worthy, the crew will still not know the full extent of your mission."

Gwen nodded subconsciously, "wha' exactleh es my mission now as Chief of Intelligence? Stand'rd CIO paramet'rs or do I hav' a special assignment?"

Once again, Rhoades shimmered and shook on the screen. "Your mission, Ensign, is to collect vital information from Sector 557-B and create a report for my eyes only. This report will detail all of the strengths and weakness of aliens and governments discovered in the region." Rhoades' image moved again to a previous time slot. "You are to obtain information on potential military targets, allies, and exploitable resources. The crew must not know your true objectives. While your role as Chief Information Officer will be public knowledge, your will continue under the guise of aid to Commander Pierce and Commander Niamh."

Gweneira nodded, "I need intel on the Razzari and on the Kopaaarans. What do we know beyond what the Nomad has collected?"

It was a bit odd, her mission. It was apparent that Rhoades didn't have faith in the Nomad and her Captain and crew. So instead of redemption, Pierce and company seemed to be means to an end.

The computer seemed to freeze for a moment. The recording algorithm was searching for an answer to the query, but it was having a difficult time. Rhoades returned clearly into frame. The response was the closest thing to an answer Gwen was going to get. "Information on the Razzari is limited. Assist Pierce in locating the Razzari and be certain to log the details he may be inclined to disregard."

Gwen nodded again, "und'rstood. Comput'r end communication an' delete from all logs." As the communication ended, Gwen tapped in a series of commands making sure no record of this communique remained in the system.

Following that she sent a message to Pierce, Dynehart and Niamh, requesting a meeting.


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