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You Never 'Really' Leave (backpost)

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 12:14pm by Ensign Gweneira Emberly

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Starfleet Medical
Timeline: While the Nomad is re-crewing

Starfleet Medical

"Ensign Emberly, has your hearing grown impaired aswell?" A flat clearly vulcan thought.

Gwen blinked, shaking her head a little. Her eyes focused on the female standing in front of her. The woman was a Commander and quite clearly a vulcan. T'Sora, her physician from the Klingon Section. The woman who helped her see again and never forgot to remind her of it constantly.

"Sorreh, Command'r. I was lost in meh thoughts." The scotswoman said finally.

The vulcan merely nodded and put away the specialised scanning device. "Would you like to know the state of your vision?"

Gweneira nodded, "aye, please."

T'Sora stepped over to the wall display and brought up a diagram of her head, with the optical nerves being the focus of it. She motioned for Gwen to join her.

The smaller woman slipped off the bio bed and stepped over to the vulcan.

"'Ow bad is i'?" Gwen asked.

"It is not bad at all." The vulcan said. "Your optical nerves have been maintaining their cohesion as projected. I believe that if the tri-monthly micro-surgery regiment is maintained, your vision can be maintained at an optimal level with ease. Until a more permanent solution can be found. As you know you are not eligible for implants at this point in time."

Emberly nodded, "aye, I knoo. Question es, is i' enough t' get' me cleared fer duteh?"

"A form of duty, yes." T'Sora nodded, "with this impairment, you cannot perform field work any more. I highly doubt that you would accede to an analyst position again."

Gweneira processed the information, nodding slowly. "Aye. Much as I loved bein' an analyst, I don' think I could go back t' the proverbial donkey."

The vulcan frowned, "the proverbial donkey?"

Gwen frowned, then shook her head, "ne'er mind, it's a 'uman sayin', is all."

"I still do not understand." T'Sora turned to face the human woman.

Gwen sighed, struggling not to roll her eyes at the woman who had all but saved her life. "I' means tha' I could no' go back t' a lesser position now, aft'r everythin' I've been through."

"Even if such a position would be more suitable for your condition?" T'Sora raised a sharp eyebrow.

The dark haired scotswoman nodded, "aye. I can still doo a lo'. Even if tha' means goin' t' a ship or a base an' workin' with regulars."

T'Sora nodded, "I understand. Will you be asking for a transfer to such an installation then?"

Gwen nodded, "aye."

"I wish you good fortune in your endeavours then, Gweneira Emberly. I will release your file to the designated Chief Medical Officer once an assignment has been arranged for you." The vulcan bowed slowly.

"Peace and log life, Doctor T'Sora." Gwen raised her hand in the typica Vulcan salute.

"Live long and prosper, young one."

Starfleet Intelligence, Klingon Section, undisclosed location, a few days later

"Jesus, Mary an' Joseph, they've given Maxwell Pierce a command? After crucifyin' hem an' feedin' hem t' that wolves?" Gwen muttered to herself as she sat at her now rather empty desk, waiting to be seen by her Section Commanding Officer to receive a re-assignment. She had a PADD in hand, with the latest updates she was cleared to view.

"An' they've given 'im the Nomad. Chrissake, are they tryin' t' get rid o' hem an' make i' look like an accident' while sayin' he got 'em valuable intel?" She kept commenting to herself. "'Old on...the Razzari jump drive...they're 'avin' the Nomad test it'. Bloody hell..."

"Emberly!" Her boss' loud call broke her out of her quiet musings.

"Ser!" Gwen jumped to her feet.

The tall man motioned for her to enter his office. "Come in, there's someone here that wishes to speak with you. We have a lot to discuss."


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