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Contingencies Part I

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 10:40am by Lieutenant Anaya Chamling & Ensign Mira Evans & Chief Warrant Officer Sanne Bakker & Chief Petty Officer Kennedy Browning & Lieutenant JG Naar Grehk & Ensign Jasmine Brannigan 'Jax' & Ensign Helena Lancaster & Chief Warrant Officer Julia Little & Ensign D'vorek & Ensign Tu'Pari

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Engineering Conference Room
Timeline: Current

Anaya did not have time for this. The Koparaan rescue fleet (if its purpose was as benign as its designation) was six hours out, and there was still things she needed to be doing in Engineering. There were things her Deputy, Lieutenant Grehk needed to be doing, but he was going to have be here as well. And Grehk would be a lot less restrained in voicing his irritation than Anaya was.

Right now, Anaya could only envy Grehk his Tellarite disposition.

But unfortunately, Ensign Mira Evans had brought up the very real possibility that the Koparaans might not be as altruistic as they wanted to appear. And the Captain had put dealing with one aspect of that possibility in her lap.

So with the Captain's directive in mind, Anaya had ordered an unlikely assembly of officers and crew members to try to develop a plan to deal with one eventuality.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Julia internalized with every foot fall as she got closer to her destination. Wanting nothing more than to slap her forehead repeatedly, she cursed herself for having the misfortune of being on this ship. She stopped herself a few steps away from the door labelled: Engineering Conference Room. Refraining from making any more outwardly emotional facial expressions. She tried to force her thoughts back into some semblance of order and took a deep breath. When she started moving again, it was rather sluggishly as the pilot slipped into the room smiling at everyone present. It was a little too awkward and not really knowing what to say, she settled on silence.

Considering their location, and the increased security level, Helena arrived to the briefing fully armed. While the Koparaans were six hours away, that didn't mean other aliens couldn't be lurking nearby. When she was in the War, Helena was armed at all times, and she planned on bringing that habit back unless told otherwise. Taking a seat, she leaned the rifle against her chair and waited for the meeting to start.

'Uh-oh,' CWO Little perked up as she took notice of the armaments on display, a fleeting moment of panic made her sit up a little straighter. She wished she had brought a data-padd with her, to use like a shield, deflecting any undue or unwanted attention.

Jax entered the room and slightly missed a step as she noted the rifle. She moved round the room and settled into a chair opposite the door, a defensive habit rendered useless by the existence of transporters, but it made her feel better anyway. She made a mental note to book out a hand phaser as soon as the meeting was over, and put a mini hypospray of painkillers in her pocket, just in case. She sat quietly, palms flat on the desk in front of her, face expressionless as she looked down at the desk although the drumming of her thumbs against the surface was a telltale sign of her agitation. She could handle combat, people hitting her or shooting at her, that was fine. But just sitting in space, unable to move, with no idea what was out there. It put her on edge.....

For the umpteenth time, Kennedy was wondering how she had gotten stuck on the Nomad. A ship stuck hundreds of light years beyond Federation space. And now she was supposed to report to Engineering, but nobody knew why.

The first thing Kennedy spotted when she entered the conference room was that one of the attendees had a rifle leaning against her chair. 'Great,' Kennedy thought to herself. The noncomm network had warned her that half the officers on the Nomad were either cowboys or foulups, and Kennedy knew as she took an empty seat that she was probably in a room full of both.

Those who didn't know Chief Warrant Officer Sanne Bakker would describe her as 'elfin', and her smile as 'winsome.' Those who did know her would politely describe her smile as 'enigmatic' or possibly 'inscrutable.' But what went on beyond that smile at any given moment was anybody's guess.

It was that smile that greeted the members of the conference room as Sanne Bakker entered, giving a polite smile and nod to everyone before she took her seat.

Doctor Mira Evans, now a mere Ensign in the ranks of Starfleet, walked into the Engineering Conference room, looking more confident than she felt. Granted, she was the leading expert on 557-B in the Federation, and she had done everything from acting as an adviser to Federation diplomatic missions in the vicinity of the Inconnu Expanse to playing (and beating) Ferengis in games of Tongo.

On one hand, being on the Nomad was a dream come true. It was a chance for Mira to confirm (or correct) what she knew about sector 557-B and possibly even learn about the Arellians. On the other hand, she was now in a room of what her literary mother would call "hard cases and ne'er-do-wells," on a ship that was struggling to survive its transit to 557-B. Still, considering the academic rewards she could reap, Mira wouldn't want to be anywhere else. With that optimistic thought in mind, Mira found a seat to await what was going to happen next.

There was a great deal of apprehension about the ship and Tu'Pari felt the emotions congealing into a ball of anxiety in her stomach. She lamented her parentage and wished that she wasn't the progeny of two emotionally opposed races. She surveyed the conference room and allowed herself to sense what the others were feeling. It was a confluence of feelings and Tu'Pari had to go 'full Vulcan' to stop herself from getting lost in the confusion. She collected herself. "Greetings."

D'vorek had recently completed his space walk where he worked on replacing deck plating near the deflector dish. He was still getting his bearings and had hoped the space sickness would have passed by now. As always, he was a stoic stone of a man. He would kill to be back on a D-7, but the hint of a battle to come was enough to keep his interest piqued. "Hmmph," he groaned as he was the collection of crew assembled before him.

Lieutenant Grehk walked in and looked around. His face winced at the sudden array of smells hitting his synapses. "These Humans smells like Tribble droppings wrapped in Coke meat and served with rotten yamok sauce," he whispered to himself. He saw Lieutenant Chamling and approached her. "I should be with the repair teams," he complained, crossing his arms over his thick chest. "How else are we supposed to fix the Nomad? Prayer and tea leaf readings?!"

Julia tilted her head to one side, considering the implications of what he said. She wrinkled her nose thoughtfully, ’too bad, I like tea. . .’ Julia glanced over her shoulder, as if looking for an escape or distraction. The pilot couldn’t fathom why they would possibly want her here, of all people, it made her feel uneasy.

"I'd rather have a hyperspanner in my hand and my coveralls covered in thorium grease myself," Anaya quietly told Grehk, "But this is something that needs to be done."

"Ensign Lancaster," Anaya said, without warning, "Engineering isn't a tavern from North America's Ancient West, nor is it a Nausicaan frequented bar. Unless there is a general alert ordered by the Captain, you will not appear in Engineering again loaded for Yar-bear."

Considering everything that had transpired, Helena was a bit surprised at the Engineer's aversion to her showing up armed. Next time she would leave the rifle behind, but that was as far as she was willing to disarm.

"Aye ma'am."

"That being said," Anaya continued, a grim smile appearing on her face, "For the moment, you're not my problem. You're going to be Ensign Brannigan's."

Unsure of how she could assist the pilot, Helena remained quiet as the briefing continued.

"Six hours from now," Anaya continued, "the Nomad is going to rendezvous with a race called the Koparaans. The Koparaans have responded to our general distress call and offered their assistance. At present, we have no concrete evidence to doubt the Koparaan's altruism. However," Anaya said, gesturing toward Mira Evans, "Our onboard expert on all thing Sector 557B has informed us that the Koparaans might have other motives for coming out to meet us."

The brunette pilot’s attention drifted to her shoes as she mumbled, “. . .like visiting a Starfleet museum?” However, it was a lot louder than she intended it to be.

'oh buggery!' The pilot slouched back into her chair, things just kept getting better. Now even her own thoughts wouldn’t behave themselves. A flush warmed her cheeks with a rosy colour as she sought to avoid all eye contact, as if to say who said that? It certainly wasn’t me. . .!

"And possibly even pick up a few items from the souvenir shop, Ms. Little," Anaya replied, not missing a beat. "The problem is that, even before she got her upgrades, the technology on the Nomad was approximately a hundred and fifty years ahead of what the Koparaans possess. I suspect that if they are interested in souvenirs, it won't be just T-shirts."

The Brunette smiled lightly, "I see. . . Ma'am."

"That being said," Anaya continued, "If the Koparaans intentions are not as selfless as advertised, we will fend them off." There was not a trace of doubt in Anaya's voice as she made this pronouncement. "However, that will not be enough. In our present condition, we will not survive an exodus out of this region of space. And that's where you lot come in."

"I'll give them a piece of my mind if they enter Engineering, Lieutenant," Grehk said, looking serious. "I can rig some traps. I saw some done in an old Rarth movie. It was quite instructive."

D'vorek sniffed with a sarcastic grin. "Traps," he sneered. "While you plot and ploy with your little toys to ensnare one Koparaan, ten will have fallen to the blade of my Mek'leth."

"Hmph," Grehk snorted at Tu'Pari. "I think the Captain might want to take some prisoner for interrogation. You remember what interrogation is, don't you, Ensign? Playtime for the big kids who want to be dumb, idiotic intelligence officers."

He looked at Chamling and asked," You wanted them to live, right?"

"Lieutenant Grehk, I will leave it to you to coordinate with Security on the potential defense of Engineering. Ensign D'vorek, I have a different assignment for you."

Tu'Pari cleared her throat. This mission was already proving to be far worse than she had planned. "What would you have us do, Lieutenant?"

Anaya punched a command into her PADD. Above the conference table a holographic display of a silverish-gray heptahedron appeared. "This is a Casimir stabilizer, composed of pure polyferranide. They're used of 'seal' the warp coils of a starship's drive, to keep them from 'burning out.' The shape itself it determined by the solution of the Flux Paradox. To date, Henry Archer's solution to the Flux Paradox is probably the most precise solution that has ever been found. So precise, in fact, that the Casimir stabilizers that can be found on the Nomad are almost identical to the ones you could have found on Earth Starfleet's Enterprise."

"If the Koparaans have Warp 5 capability," Anaya continued, "Then they've solved the Flux Paradox, and they have Casimir stablizers. And it will look pretty much like ours do. Physics, not culture, will dictate their shape and composition. In order to get out of this area, we're going to need to replace the Casimir stabilizers the Razarri jump drive destroyed when we made our transit."

"So in answer to your question, Ensign," Anaya said, focusing on Tu'Pari, "If the Koparaans are as friendly as they want us to think they are, well and good. If they end up having less than honest intentions toward us, we're not only going to have to fight them off, we're going to have to secure a supply of Casimir stabilizers or, at the very least, a pure resource of polyferranide."

"And if that becomes necessary, Ensign Tu'Pari," Anaya concluded, "With the exception of myself and Lieutenant Grehk, everyone in this room will be tasked with securing what we need from the Koparaans."



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