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A stay-at-home kind of girl.

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 1:01am by Chief Warrant Officer Julia Little

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Julia Little's Quarters.
Timeline: Current.
Tags: Hydrocortilene, Mental Health, Detective 21, Lockwood & Co, Sector 557-B

Julia let out a breath of triumph. . .

Having spent the better part of an hour tinkering with the replicator in her room. She had eventually located the power fault and enacted a suitable workaround. She had used the power-cell from a borrowed phaser to breathe life back into the unresponsive wall fixture. She had just finished replacing the front panel and screwed in the last bolt. The borrowed personal-phaser, from one of the ship’s shuttles, lay on the deck next to her repair-kit. It had been discarded like an object of no consequence. It would be a while before anyone missed it.

Plenty of time to put it back later, she surmised, along with a handful of Isolinear memory chips that where ‘left over’ from the repair work.

"That was a cinch," Julia quietly stated. Watching intently with bloodshot green eyes as the unit powered up and finally stabilized. She just hoped it could deliver. . . She had a problem. In fact, she had many problems, but foremost on her mind was the matter of a thumping headache. The pilot wasn't particularly concerned about the medical ethics involved. She just wanted to fix her problem before someone noticed enough to revoke her flight status on medical grounds. She didn’t know why, but for some reason, that little sentiment brought a smile to her face.

The Nomad’s trip had been a little more than unsettling, in many ways, and her ability to get a good sleep was now well out of reach. Any other person’s priority would have been food, but not Julia, If sleep was an issue then why would food be any different?

"Computer," she started, "One hypospray, 50mgs of Hydrocortilene, six percent -please."

The replicator chirped a warning which she ignored, promptly entering a safety override code. Then the little alcove lit up brightly with a fizzle of blue light, fading to reveal the medical hypospray. She snatched it up and pulled her collar loose, pressing the device firmly against the side of her neck. Activating it. She let out an almost instant sigh of relief, her stance noticeably relaxing as the medication began to take effect.

And so, with great confidence Julia Little strode back towards the sofa and quietly plopped herself down. Stretching out onto her back, she lay across the lonely sofa that encompassed most of her small living space. Her stripy socked feet, dangling over one edge of the sofa, as her head rested upon a cushion at the other end. Her shoes kicked off and ‘organised’ on the carpet at the bottom of the sofa.

She had deeply enthralled herself in an old earth-bound paper book since arriving in Sector 557-B. It was her only solace. Even for a pilot such as herself, the arrival had been a little too much for her. She carelessly groped around until she found the book once more and began reading from where she had left off. It’s decorative gilding gleamed in the low light setting, the title of this seemingly old-style book adorned the words 'Detective 21,' – It was a Lockwood & Co publication. She propped it up on her chest to resume reading.

Other than her choice of socks, she was still wearing her duty uniform although it was now dishevelled, much like the rest of her quarters. She sighed and began reading again. Her mind drifting off to a place far removed from her current life predicament.

Another few hours would pass like this, much like the past few already had. . .

CWO Julia Little
Chief Support Craft Pilot
"I-I'm Fine! Ok. . .?!"


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By Chief Warrant Officer Julia Little on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 1:06am

Not really great... but hopefully this can serve as a seamless way of getting Ms Little established into the story. It is a bit vague but I thought that might work, hinting at the Nomad's terrible initial arrival to Sector 557-B and the impact it might of had on a crewmember.