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Panic Room

Posted on Sun Jul 9th, 2017 @ 3:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Christopher Dynehart & Lieutenant Grace Shaw M.D. & Lieutenant JG Ediazar "Eddie" Ch'zythal & Chief Petty Officer Kiay Harding & Andrew & Crewman Ansa Quainoo

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Various -USS Nomad
Timeline: Current

Kiay had survived the trip through the void…just.
He awoke on the bathroom floor with a cut on his face, surrounded by glass from the mirror above the sink and his body cold. Waking startled from a brief slumber, Kiay found that his situation had not changed. He was still trapped.
His quarters were wrecked, a hull breach had stopped just short of destroying his room. Thankfully the emergency bulkheads had worked as beyond the doors to his quarters lay the vacuum of space.
With the comms array offline, all Kiay could do was wait, wait to be rescued. There was nothing to entertain in him as he sat on the cold floor naked.
He’d gone into the bathroom to take a sonic shower when the ship unexpectedly dropped out of the void.
Wondering if this had been the third hour or fourth hour he’d been trapped, Kiay suddenly heard a banging on the wall.
Immediately jumping to attention, Kiay stood up and banged on the wall; “IN HERE!” -He called, hoping to get someone’s attention. The emergency hatch in the bathroom floor was wedged fast, he simply couldn’t open it, he knew the only way out would be for someone to cut through the bathroom wall to set him free.
THUD THUD THUD -whoever it was, was keen to get to the chief petty officer. “I”M IN HERE!” -He called out again.
A muffled voice from the other side of the wall could be heard shouting something in return however, Kiay couldn’t make out what they’d said.
Suddenly, the smell of titanium burning wafted through the air vent above the sink, someone must have been cutting through the wall with a plasma torch. Kiay dusted away the glass on the floor and took a few steps back.
BOOM! -a section of the wall exploded outward, towards Harding. Kiay crouched down and covered his face from the debris.

The small bathroom compartment was now covered in dirt and dust -an acrid smell of burnt plasma hung in the air as two officers wearing breathing apparatus emerged from the hole in the wall. “Crewman, are you alright!” -a voice called out, a pair of hands moving towards Kiay.
As the two officers made their way towards the naked officer, the ship shook heavily -another decompression rocked the Nomad.
“Come on Kiay, we’ve got to get you out of here.” -the voice called, concerned that the rest of this section would be vented into space.
Kiay still couldn’t make out who was attempting to help him, it almost looked as though one of them was Andorian, the other was possibly Dr. Shaw, a mane of frizzy blonde hair could just about be made out in the smoke ridden cabin. Yes, it was definitely Grace, Kiay thought, he offered out his hands and the pair pulled him out of the bathroom.

Shuddering heavily again, Grace struggled to get her footing as she hung onto Kiay with one hand and the other braced on a damaged piece of conduit. “We’re evacuating the whole deck.”
“Can I at least find some pants?” -Kiay joked
“Don’t worry about that…” -Grace looked down at his lower half, “…I’m a Doctor, I’ve seen far less impressive sights.”
Not sure if to be flattered, Kiay laughed, not just at Grace’s whimsical bedside manner, but about the situation in general. Only he could get stuck in a decompressed section of the ship, naked.
The other officer, a tall, milky blue skinned officer removed his jacket and wrapped it around Kiay’s waist.
“We must rendezvous with the other damage control teams and get off this deck.” -the Andorian spoke.
Without even questioning him, as it was clearly the obvious thing to do, Kiay, Grace and the Andorian lieutenant rushed towards the next safe point and towards the other damage control teams.

Smoke lined the corridor, it was eerie, the flashing red alert lighting gave the corridor an unearthly like quality every few seconds when they flashed red. Kiay genuinely felt as though he was running through hell itself. The environmental controls had clearly malfunctioned as it was horribly warm -causing Kiay and Grace both to struggle to breath.
Making their way through the corridors, Kiay could hear other voices calling out to one and other -officers giving each other orders to make sure the various different sections were secured.

Turning a corner, Grace, Kiay and the lieutenant suddenly found themselves at an impasse. A security field stopped them dead in their tracks. The unending black of space beyond it, “Bloody hell!” -Grace called, realising they’d have to go another way around.
“This bloody ship’s like a maze.” -she exclaimed,
Looking at a tricorder, the Andorian remarked that the sections behind them were loosing containment, that a breach was imminent. “I strongly suggest that we get ourselves out of here.” -he remarked, stating the obvious.
“You think?!” -Kiay sarcastically quipped.
Grace hit her combadge, “Shaw to transporter control!” -but there was no response, the comms array must have been down.
“Can you boost the com signal with the tricorder?” -Kiay asked
Lieutenant Ch’zythal nodded and quickly began working the tricorder’s controls.
“ALL HANDS EVACUATE DECK…” -The ship’s computer started
“Lieutenant, I really do wish you’d hurry this a long a little.” -Grace urged Ch’zythal to make his modifications more quickly.
“HULL BREACH IMM…I…N…” -The computer sounded, struggling to relay the warning automated warning messages.
The deck beneath the trio of officers began to shake, the sound of metal twisting and contorting was deafening, harrowing. Kiay clung to Grace, using her like an anchor. “Lieutenant!” -he cried as an explosion tore up the corridor towards them
“GOT IT!” -the lieutenant called, “Computer, site to site transport, three to beam to sickbay!”
With that, the explosion ricocheted down the corridor and then outward into space…

The force of the incoming explosion had caused the transport to be somewhat of a difficult one. Kiay materialised almost mid flight and fell hard onto the sickbay deck. Grace and the lieutenant proceeded him almost a full second later -Grace crashing onto the deck whilst the lieutenant flew over a bio-bed before landing badly against a medical terminal.
Nurse Quainoo rushed over to assist the three officers who had materialised in a very busy sickbay. “Are you alright?” -Ansa asked Kiay, picking him up off the deck. “I’ll be fine.” She immediately rushed over to Grace who, by now had already picked herself up off the floor and was helping the Andorian lieutenant. Ch’zythal had cut his head on landing -aside from that, he was alright.

Kiay looked around the sickbay and shook his head. Taking it all in, he moved towards an empty bio bed and sat down. Pulling the bed sheet from the bio-bed, Kiay wrapped it around him and took a few seconds to let what had happened to him sink in.
“We need to get that cut seen too.” -Grace remarked, pointing at his face.
“Oh, I’m fine doctor, really I am.”
“It looks infected.” -she replied, opening a trauma kit. Grace removed a medical tricorder and began waving the bio-scanner in front of him. He pushed her away and winced. “Seriously, I’m fine.”
Putting the bio-scanner back inside the medical tricorder, Dr. Shaw placed it on the bio-bed beside him.
She placed a hand on his thigh and looked at him, “You know where I am if you need me.” -Grace spoke softly, “Everything’s going to be ok.” -she continued, trying to reassure him.
“I…I…” -he started, but before he could continue, the sickbay doors burst open. Two officers carried in an injured crewman covered in plasma burns, “WE NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!”
“I’m sorry Kiay, wait here. I’ll be back shortly.” -With that, Grace grabbed the trauma kit and quickly rushed over to assist the injured officer who had clearly seen better days…

Wrapped in the bed sheet from sickbay, Kiay made his way down a corridor. Anyone nearby could have easily confused him for someone who was sleep walking. He drifted down the corridor towards a turbolift and a spark of life returned to him as he called for the lift.
Stood their motionless, Kiay waited patiently for the turbolift car to arrive.
It must have only been a few seconds from him pressing the ‘call’ button to the lift actually arriving, but for Kiay it felt like a lifetime.
He was lucky to be alive. Yet, that really wasn’t what he was feeling right now.
The turbolift doors slid open and he stepped inside and leant against the back wall. “Deck s…” -he stopped, he had no quarters…no where to go. He slid down the back wall and found himself slumped on the floor. The bed sheet had fell around him, he sat there, motionless, looking out into nothingness. He was clearly traumatised, but more over, he was clearly alone.

A few moments later, the doors to the turbolift slid open again, Kiay, looking like a lost child, a refugee, he looked up at whoever it was who had called for the lift and reached out. Tears streamed down his face and he didn’t care who saw him like this.
“Kiay?” -a concerned voice remarked. It was the ship’s first officer, Commander Dynehart.
“Kiay what…” -Chris didn’t finish, he could see the young lad was distressed, upset and frankly, a mess. Dynehart offered out his hands and pulled the chief up towards him. Kiay broke down in tears as Christopher held him.
“I’m so sorry.” -Kiay sobbed, “I’m so so sorry.” -he kept repeating himself.
Chris was a little unsure as to what to do with the young naked half Risan that was now sobbing into his good uniform. “Come on, we should get you back to your quarters.” -Chris expressed, feeling somewhat awkward.
“They’re gone. Everything’s gone…”

Some time later.
Christopher had still not had a chance to clean his quarters, he’d been too busy. The thought of unpacking was still something that he really couldn’t be bothered with -not now anyway, not after the events of the last couple of days. Despite this, he had made Kiay feel at home.
With the replicators down, Kiay sat on the end of Chris’ bed wearing an old academy t-shirt with Dynehart’s class insignia on the back.
It dwarfed Kiay, it was huge, like a night dress. Like something you’d give a date to hang around in after you’d consummated your relationship.
“How are you feeling?” Chris asked
“Much better, sir.” -Kiay replied, taking a sip of some water.
“Well, I’m glad, you look a lot better.”
Kiay looked down at the length of the shirt that Chris had given him and laughed, “I look like a sack of spuds.”
“You’ve been through a lot, we can rebuild your quarters, we can fix your wounds but we can’t replace you, Mr. Harding.” -Chris was pleasantly reassuring as he attempted to make the young officer feel better.
“I’ve lost everything.”
“Now, there will be none of that.” -Chris sat down beside him, “We’ve all lost something, hell, we’re on a ship full of people that have all lost something. We’re going to get through this.”
Kiay smiled, he genuinely never thought that he would have ended today in the first officer’s quarters alone -but then again, he never thought he’d have started his day on the bathroom floor waiting to be rescued from a hull breach.
“Thank you commander.”

As Chris got up from the end of his bed, Kiay took the commander’s hand and pulled him back around. “No, really commander, thank you.” -he expressed, looking into Chris’ eyes, it felt as though Kiay was looking into his soul. Chris retracted his hand, he smiled but it was an awkward smile. He knew Kiay was half-Risan and also knew why and how Kiay ended up aboard Nomad.
“I have a staff briefing to attend…” -Chris remarked, “…get yourself some rest. Feel free to stop as long as you like.”
“Thank you.” -Kiay softly replied, feeling somewhat rejected.

Christopher made his way out of his quarters as Kiay slipped out of the oversized t-shirt and into his bed. As the commander went for the door, a shimmer of orange passed over the first officer’s eyes…as did a somewhat devious smile.

As the doors closed behind commander, Kiay lay on the first officer’s bed and let out a deep sigh. Whilst he had lost everything, he hadn’t lost those who were starting to gravitate towards him here on Nomad. After all, Grace had saved him from oblivion, the commander offered him refuge. Even Ansa Quainoo seemed to like him. “I really need to just stop worrying.” -Kiay spoke softly to himself. He turned over in the bed and pulled over the blanket before closing his eyes and drifted into a much needed slumber…


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By Chief Warrant Officer Julia Little on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 1:11am

The wrong time for s shower indeed. Its bad enough when the post man knocks on the door when you are in the shower! xD