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The Koparaans

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 8:50am by Commander Brooke Niamh & Lieutenant Commander Christopher Dynehart & Andrew & Commander Maxwell Pierce & Lieutenant Anaya Chamling & Lieutenant JG Walter Roebuck & Lieutenant JG Naar Grehk & Ensign Helena Lancaster & Ensign Charlotte Multon & Ensign Ian Murphy & Petty Officer 3rd Class Dassia Vas

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: Current

Commander Pierce slowly perused the bridge as the repair crews were working feverishly to restore the module to its previous state. The damage was extensive, but it could have been far worse. At first glance, it appeared as if the work was nearly complete, but after scrutinizing the details it was clear that there was still much to be done.

Max didn't like the feeling of being so vulnerable. Fortunately, continuous scans of the surrounding area detected no hostile ships. However, that meant that there were no friendly ships either.

Pierce had assembled his department leads and assistants in order to get updates on their situation and discuss their options. Once he received word that everyone had assembled, he entered the Briefing Room with hope for good news.

Just as the doors whooshed open and he saw his crew sitting around the large table, Yeoman Vas caught up to him and was nearly out of breath. She was trying to get the words out.

"Sorry to interrupt, Commander-", she swallowed a difficult slab of air.

"It's ok, Dassia, what is it?"

She collected herself finally. "Sir, I've just received an audio-only communication. It's an answer to our distress call. They call themselves the Koparaans and they've dispatched repair ships. They'll be here in twelve hours. They've not responded to subsequent hails."

"Thank you, Yeoman. Keep monitoring the channel," Pierce said as Vas nodded and disappeared towards the bridge.

Max tugged on his uniform jacket and he made his way to the table and took his seat. "It would appear we have a new development as you just heard. We'll be making first contact here in half a day. I'd like to be prepared. Where do we stand in your respective departments?"

Dynehart stood with his back to everyone as they arrived, including the commander, looking out of the large briefing room windows, watching the work bees go about repairs to the external sections of the ship.

He turned and acknowledged Max and then took a seat flanking the commanding officer awaiting to hear the reports from the senior staff. All of them were lucky, damned lucky to have survived this trip, to make it hear in just about one piece and Christopher was grateful of this.
Breaking the ice, Christopher iterated this, "Firstly, let me go on record that what we achieved in getting out here was no mean feat, you all performed admirably and as your XO, I'm proud of you all."

Chris turned and nodded in Chamling's direction, indicating she was up. "How's things in the engine room, Anaya?"

"We have impulse, thanks to Lieutenant Grehk's ingenuity. We also have limited warp capacity," Anaya continued. "And I cannot stress the word 'limited' hard enough. Something in the Razarri jump drive did a number on our warp field generators. At present, the Nomad couldn't sustain more than Warp 2, and that would be limited to, say, twelve hours. In an emergency, I could possibly experiment with the Alcubierre metric of the field our generators are currently able to project to possibly move us faster for longer, but I wouldn't recommend it. And before you ask, Captain, without the facilities and resources of a fleet yard, I couldn't even begin to guess how long it will take us to get back up to par. We don't need much, Captain, just an industrial base that's at least warp capable, but we do have to have that."

Pierce nodded solemly. "Then let's hope these Koparaans have a drydock in tow," he said with a hint of sarcasm.

Dynehart had seen many of the reports prior to arriving however, he'd glossed over them -mainly due to the fact that that it was pretty grim reading.

He cleared his throat, "And the good news?" -he enquired, sitting a little more upright in his chair.

"The good news is," Anaya continued, "A lot of our systems are back up, or will be back up, before long. And we owe a good deal of thanks on that end of things to Ensign Multon," Anaya said with a nod to the Chief of Operations.

"We do what we can." Charlie chimed in.

"We have limited transporter capability, and working to get all of our pads back on line. The Structural Integrity Field is back at one hundred percent, Life Support is optimum and we have one additional silver lining. I need to talk to Ensign Murphy," she continued with a nod toward the Chief Science Officer, "But I think this...experience...might have given us some insight to the practical operations of the Razzari Jump Drive."

Grehk sat there, listening while writing ideas on his PADD. The Tellarite would have spoken up, right there and then but he believed that to do so would have made his superior, Lieutenant Chamling seem like she couldn't do her job.

'Plasma conduits and warp drive look good if we could get it up above Warp Two,' he thought to himself. 'Transporters are back online. That's good. Life-support is at optimum levels. Sensors are still having some ODN lines replaced. Luckily, the replicators are still working. I hate emergency rations! I always get stuck with the leftovers!'

Ian glanced down at his own PaDD, fingers moving over its surface. "The main deflector dish is now back up to 65 percent efficiency thanks to engineering." Ian said with a brief nod in Chamling's direction. "And, using some algorithms to reduce the 'noise' in the sensor readings we have taken, we're beginning to reconstruct the readings from just before and after arrival." He said, setting his PaDD down and hastily tapping an icon on the screen to close an open game of solitaire he had going on in one of its partitions.

"Lieutenant," Commander Pierce said as he gestured towards Roebuck, "nothing so far suggests we're in a hostile area, but I'm favoring caution for first contact. What does your gut tell you about the Koparaans?"

Roebuck’s head was still ringing some, but medical had released him...well they said he needed to take it easy for twenty-four hours but since that wasn’t possible he was back on duty. Walt took a deep breath, “I agree with caution but right now Sir we’re not up for a fight. Several of our phaser banks are still offline from the EPS ruptures. We have three banks online right now, that’s it. Shields are a little better, we only have one generator offline. I’ve compensated for it with the others, but that puts shield strength at about seventy to seventy-five percent. We do have full use of our torpedoes though, so there is a ray of sunshine in there, targeting on the other hand.” Walt rolled his eyes. “I have put the Security personnel on Security Alert Two readiness.”

The doors to the observation suddenly came alive and slide apart with their usual whoosh. Commander Brooke Niamh, the ship's mission specialist walked into the room looking seriously annoyed. It was clear that she knew nothing about the briefing. She surveyed the room, looking at the faces that now stared back at her and looked around for an empty seat at the briefing room table.

"Please accept my apologies, it would appear that I was not informed about this meeting." -her tone was course and spoke bluntly. "Mr. Dynehart, did it not occur to you to include me?"

Christopher looked at Brooke vacantly, "I..." -he hesitated, it was though he'd never met her before. "My apologies commander."

'Commander?' -she thought, why was he being so formal? Was it because he was surrounded by his peers? Was it because she outranked him? Whatever it was, she allowed him to continue.

"...I will be more vigilant in planning the meeting requests in future m'am." -he replied, again ridiculously formally.

Brooke took the vacant seat next to Anaya and sat down next to her. "Be sure that you do."

Her entrance had caused an awkward silence to descend on the group. This is not how she intended meeting the senior staff and she was somewhat embarrassed.

Anaya leaned over toward Brooke, the faintest hint of amusement on her lips. "If you're available after the meeting, Commander," Anaya said sotto voce, "I'll catch you up on everything. And there's an interesting development I need your input on."

Quashing her embarrassment somewhat, Brooke placed a small collection of PADD's onto the large desk and smiled at Anaya, "Why of course, always happy to help." -she replied, waiting for somebody, anybody else to break the silence.

Dynehart sat further down the table and watched as Anaya and Brooke spoke. It irritated him. "As you made such a grand entrance, would you care to share your thoughts on our current predicament, commander?"

Brooke sat more upright in her chair and addressed the group.
Picking up a PADD, she hit a few commands and initiated the view screen. A map of Sector 557-B replaced the image of the Nomad's master systems display. This map however was somewhat more precise than what anyone else had seen however, there were still large swathes of 'emptiness' that Starfleet's long range sensors were unable to detect.

"I'm sure your all familiar with this..." -Brooke spoke, pushing herself back from the desk and rising to her feet. "...We're currently here, in a region of space rather aptly named by the boys at Starfleet Cartography as 'The Barrens.' -she pointed at the screen, a few seconds later, Brooke hit a couple more commands on the PADD and zoomed in tighter. "As you can see, the region is devoid of...well, everything." Tapping another command, she zoomed into what could only be described as a 'dot.' "Based on all available data, I believe that the Koparaans inhabit this region, a small L-Class world that orbits a mega-giant star, one hundred times larger than Sol."

"This is all fascinating stuff, Commander, but is there any information that could be of use to us?" -Dynehart interjected

Feeling insulted and angered by Dynehart's patronising tone, Brooke gritted her teeth and hesitated for a second before replying.

"Okay, let's cut through treacle shall we?"

Dynehart didn't reply.

"The Barrens is devoid of life, planetary bodies bar the L-Class world. The star is kicking out considerable amounts of cryonic and thermionic radiation. From what we can tell, this only started happening within the last two to three hundred years." -she paused, to allow the group to process the information. "In short, whatever happened here destabilised the entire region. How these Koparaans have managed to survive is a complete mystery."

Pierce stroked his beard. "This is definitely worthy of up close investigation once we're back up and running. If the Koparaans are as helpful as they seem to intend, perhaps we'll be in a position to return the favor."

At the moment there wasn't anything for Helena to contribute, so she took in the various reports from the departments. Thankfully they had full use of the torpedoes and most of their shield strength. If they had to be a sitting duck, at least they could put up a fight.

"This area of space isn't gonna be a peach to travel through if we can't find what we need for repairs," Grehk spoke up. "The replicators can only go so far in processing what we need." The Tellarite looked at the commanding officer. "We should beginning conserving power, sir, since we don't know how long we're going to be in this region or if we can find anything to keep up going. I'd like to smack the admiral who thought it was a great idea to send the old Nomad on this mission!"

Ian snorted softly, a smirk pulling at the corners of his lips. He kinda-sorta agreed with Grehk, but he also had a working hypothesis about just why Starfleet had sent this crew in particular, and this ship on this mission.

"I might not agree with how Lieutenant Grehk expressed his opinion," Anaya added dryly, "But he is spot on with his assessment of the limited extent of our resources."

Charlie spoke up, " I will have my team on the lookout for any resources that we might be able to make use of, but I will also configure systems for more efficient use of power."

"Not only is power going to be a problem," Grehk pointed out," but so is food, air, and heat. Because once every gram of energy is sucked out of this ship, we're going to either starve, freeze, or die of suffocation. Personally, I think I'd like to die in bed with a couple of Orion women."

He turned to Chamling. "Just trying not to sugar-coat it, ma'am. I'm as blunt as a tritanium girder."

"No problem at all, Lieutenant, though I've been told even one Orion woman is more than most men can handle," the Chief Engineer replied glibly. "Two would definitely be a stretch." Deciding to cut off any further Rabelaisian remarks from her Assistant Chief Engineer, Anaya added to Pierce and Dynehart, "My people will get with Ensign Multon's department and we'll have projections for you based on different rates of consumption. But the bottom line is, in our present condition, I hope these Koparaans make good on their promise to render assistance."

Dynehart acknowledged Chamling, “be sure that you do.” -If Grehk was as blunt as a tritanium girder, Christopher was doing his very best to outshine him. “And the radiation the commander spoke of? Can we protect the ship against it?” -he asked as he watched Brooke make her way back to the table.

“I believe we can commander, I have ran a few calculations, I’ll be sure to pass them on to Mr. Roebuck.” -she slid a PADD across the table in Walter’s direction.

Walt looked over the PADD for a moment. He took a deep breath, 'This should be fun' he thought to himself.

“If you or Ensign Lancaster require any assistance with the shields, just give me a call.”

Walt nodded. "Will do." He made a few notes on his PADD to have Lancaster tackle this, while Ballard handled internal security needs. Walt wanted to coordinate both of those tasks while trying to work on other tactical systems...and shake off that damn headache he still had. 'Bridge console one, Walt zero' he thought to himself.

“Well, I think that just about covers it, Max. What do you think? Shall we get to work?” -Dynehart asked impatiently.

Pierce nodded and clapped his hands. "Let's get back to repairs and prepare for our guests. Let's hope they're up to the task."

"I'd like to get back to work," Grehk said. "I'm just here to make the Chief look pretty."

Ian barked out a rough laugh at that. Grehk was comedic gold. "I'll do a survey of my staff and see if I can't find one or two officers who can pitch in to help with damage control." He said with just a hint of malice in his tone.

Brooke rolled her eyes, she wasn’t a fan of the Tellarite’s brand of humour.

"And you're doing an excellent job of it, Lieutenant," Anaya said with a wan smile. "Commander, a word outside first?" Anaya asked Brooke.

“Sure.” -Niamh replied.


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