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Contradictory conjunctions

Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 8:08pm by Lieutenant Anaya Chamling & Lieutenant JG Naar Grehk

Mission: Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Current

All things considered, things could have been worse, though Anaya didn't care to speculate on how they could be.

Environmental systems were stabilized, and the structural integrity field was holding just short of a hundred percent. In addition, the Nomad had limited point to point transporter capability, and the systems that were currently offline were being addressed, with repair completion times that could be defined as something other than "eventually."

And though Engineering might seem chaotic, it was an organized chaos, with seemingly random moving personnel staying out of each other's ways and taking care of their respective duties.

Anaya was reading a PADD held up by an engineering specialist as a blue clad crewman attending a gash on her right arm. Her eyes were darting around Engineering until they spotted who she was looking for.

"Lieutenant Grehk!"

Naar roe Grehk had been examining the plasma conduits when he heard his name called out. He groaned, turning around.

"What the frinz do you want?!" When he saw Lieutenant Chamling, he snapped to attention. "Oh, Lieutenant, it's you! I thought it was the janitor or something. What can I do for you, ma'am?"

A hint of a smile played across Anaya's lips at her deputy's reaction before she answered. "Lieutenant I need you to take a team up to the impulse engine's driver coil. While you're working on getting it and our impulse drive back online, I need you to see if there are..." Anaya looked around, a scowl on her face. "Okay, who the Naraka picked up my PADD?" A junior officer quickly shuffled forward, holding said PADD toward Anaya. Anaya took the PADD, then handed it to Grehk. "I need to see if this particular allotrope of tachyon particles has been embedded in the driver coil. It will be a trace amount if it's there, barely detectable, but if it's there, well, I just might be that much closer to a working theory about the Razzari jump drive works."

Grehk took the PADD from her and looked at it. He nodded. "I'll get on it, Chief."

The Tellarite looked at a few crewmembers, two Humans, and a Bajoran. "Hey! You noodleknockers! Suit up and move your posteriors! We've got an impulse drive to give some tender love and attention to! Now move it or I'm making breakfast meat outta ya!"

He saw them jump and move towards the locker room where the radiation suits were kept. With an isotope like the one on the PADD that Lieutenant Chamling had given him, he didn't want to end up in Sickbay, being mothered by some Emergency Medical Hologram or some mother hen of a Chief Medical Officer.

Following them, he called out to the Chief Engineer. "I'll let you know what we find. If I get a sample, I'll take it to the Science Lab."

"Split the sample if you can, Lieutenant, and make sure the folks in the Science lab know one of the samples is reserved for Commander Niamh," Anaya replied. "I haven't had much interaction with our Mission Adviser, but it's probably wise to make sure she's kept in the loop. And send me your preliminary scans as well, when you're finished."

A loud bang nearby, followed by a burst of colorful language, interrupted the conversation. "That would be the Jump Drive's interface with the Warp Engine," Anaya grimace, looking toward the sound before turning back to Grehk. "Watch yourself when you're repairing the Impulse, Lieutenant. The Nomad is a tough ship, but she took quite a shaking, and there might be one or two nasty surprises left for us."

"I know my way around these old ships," Grehk answered, coming out of the locker room in a radiation suit. He joined his team and they left Engineering, heading for the impulse deck. Once they exited the turbolift, they spread out. The engineers with him started assessing the damage to the impulse engines while Grehk followed the path to the source of the isotope with his tricorder.

"Damn, that's big," the Tellarite murmured to himself. The isotope was lodged into a portion of an exhaust port, preventing one of the engines to push the Nomad at subspace speeds. He tapped his combadge and said," Grehk to Chamling. Chief, this isotope is bigger than we thought it was."

Anaya read the information that Grehk had forwarded and whistled in surprise. The Tellarite wasn't kidding about the size of the isotope. If anything, he might be understating it's size. Judging by the size of the isotope's outermost valence shell, the atomic radius had to be huge. Even with the interference Grehk's tricorder was working under, it looked as if the isotope in question had a radius of three hundred and ten picometers. At least.

And that wasn't the only surprise. The isotope in question looked to be veridium, but it wasn't acting like a veridium isotope. For instance, it's half life looked as if it could be measured in days or weeks, rather than in the usual hours.

"I'm heading down there now, Lieutenant," Anaya answered. "I've got a few ideas on how to remove that isotope without discovering the hard way how temperamental it is, but I won't mind in the least if you have any suggestions you'd like to share."

"I would suggest using a phaser to dislodge this isolope but it might be explosive, Lieutenant," Grehk said, sticking to business. "If it's veridium, we might want to use palladium forceps."

"We could possibly beam it out with a portable transporter," Anaya responded. Biting back a sigh, she continued, "I'll bring everything in the tool box including the proverbial kitchen sink down with me. I'll see you in a few minutes, Lieutenant. We'll work out a plan. Chamling out."

It took an hour with a portable transporter but Grehk and Chamling had been able to removed the isotope from the drive exhaust port. The Tellarite directed his team to work on it while he continued his own analysis on the isotope. A portion of it had been cut off and contained for delivery to the science section.

"You know," he said, his eyes on his tricorder," a curious thought enters my mind. With the Rakkari drive, I wonder if this isotope is a byproduct of using it or if it was something we picked up in null space."

That and a dozen other questions like it were going through Anaya's mind, but the only answer she could give Grehk was a Gallic shrug. The need to find an answer to those questions was important, but getting the Nomad back on her feet was even more so. Fortunately for the Nomad, its Engineering personnel was exceeding any and all expectations.

As she mentally shelved the data gathered so far for analysis at a later time, Anaya and Grehk orchestrated the Nomad's engineers in the Herculean task of getting the old girl back on her feet.


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