Ready to beam out

Posted on Tue Jun 20th, 2017 @ 8:27pm by Chief Petty Officer Kennedy Browning

Personal log, Chief Petty Officer Kennedy Brown, Senior Transporter Specialist, USS Nomad

At present I am the lead for the Damage Control team assigned to Transporter Room 2. And when I say assigned, I mean at least two persons from my team have to be in the transporter room at all times, with one of those persons being either me or Petty Officer Chensh. I'm not sure I follow Chamling's logic that, if we lose the transporters, Transporter Room 2 is going to be the fastest to bring back up, but she does seem to know what she is talking about and is taking no chances. Which includes damage control teams posted at key sites at all times, and not just prior to exiting null space.

I'm still not sure what to think of the Senior Officers on the ship. Both the Captain and the Chief Engineer have had disciplinary problems, though scuttlebutt differs on what exactly happened before and after. The Ex Oh is a known Zapp, at least according to the enlisted personnel I've talked to. And from the few rumors I've heard, my own department head has a murky past, to say the least.

Well, as inconvenient as it might seem, I can't fault our Chief Engineer having everybody on call, even while we're moving through null space. I mean, subspaces physics has been established for centuries. I learned the basic principles behind my job back in high school. But this device that's moving us through null space...everyone says nobody really understands it, and only a handful of people can even make a guess at it.

Well, it's one hour before we re-enter normal space. All my team will be assembling in Transporter Room 2. And one way or another, the waiting will be over.

End entry.