In search of Guingelot

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2017 @ 4:44am by Ensign Mira Evans

Personal log, Doctor Mira Evans, archaeologist, anthropologist and linguist assigned to the USS Nomad. I also hold the commissioned rank of Ensign. Truthfully, I think it would have made more sense to send me as a civilian advisor, but I suppose the nature of the mission and all that requires me to go as a Starfleet officer. So I got the crash course, officer candidate school, and here I am.

I had a lengthy conversation with Lieutenant Chamling prior to launch. I actually ran into her a few years back, when we were both at the Daystrom Institute. Of course, we were in different areas of research, so the only time we saw each other was at mixers. I'm fairly sure I exchanged a few words with her then, though I couldn't tell you what they were.

Anyway, the Lieutenant seems to understand that what we know of Sector 557-B is second hand information and conjecture. Although I gathered quite a bit of information from legitimate sources, I also learned quite a bit over some intense games of Tongo.

We may have already encountered one or more denizens of 557-B in the Inconnu Expanse already. Depending on whom I've talked to, the Taxhal may have some relation to a 557-B group called the Hazstadt. What the nature of this relationship is...well, there are a few theories. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of the Silk Road that existed more than twenty-five hundred years ago on Earth, where cities on the Mediterranean traded with kingdoms on the Sea of Japan without knowing the nature of the other's existence. I cannot but wonder if some trinket I've brought back from one of my contacts with various Ferengi traders might have originated on a world belonging to the Hazstadt.

The Nomad has entered null space now and, in less than thirty hours, I will begin learning just how much of what I 'know' is actually factual. Take the Hazstadt, for example. On one hand, some information I've learned paints a picture of them being similar to Earth's Hanseatic league in the fourteenth century. On the other hand, certain descriptions are reminiscent of the nation-state of Japan from the latter part of the twentieth century, where the interests of the nation-state and 'corporations' were seen as synonymous by both the governors and the governed.

I'm also curious if we will learn anything of the Arielians. The Rizzari, too, of course. And the Rizszari should be my first priority. Lieutenant Chamling is of the opinion that the Rizzari were simply incapable of producing the jump drive that landed them in the Federation's backyard, but they must hold some kind of answer to our mystery, and incidentally, help the Nomad return home within my lifetime.

But I still want to know more about that beautiful ship.

The frustrating part is that, save for that short transmission from the Vega probe, I cannot find anything else about that ship. Perhaps once we're a little closer to where the probe was when it sent that data, we can find out more. But for now, it's like the Guingelot: alluded to once, but its glory otherwise unknown.