USS Nomad (NCC-12384)    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The command center of the Excelsior-class USS Nomad, the Main Bridge is where the ship's command staff and department heads converge to oversee the daily operations, routine activities, and tactical engagements
Command Chair   Manned by the Nomad's Commanding Officer, the command chair is where decisions are made, negotiations are brokered, and battles are led. During the commanding officer's absence, the chair is manned by the ship's Executive or Second officer.
Communications Station   Communication is key to any successfully run starship. From the communications station, ship wide sharing of information is managed. Interdepartmental relationships are managed and interactions with outside races and governments are conducted by the officer manning this post. The Executive Officer is typically found at this station as well as the Chief Communications Officer. When space permits, the ship's yeoman may work from this station.
Engineering Station   An Excelsior-class starship may be antiquated to most, but it is still a technological marvel with many moving parts. From the engineering station, the Chief Engineer and their crew maintain the Nomad's peak performance, critical systems, and infrastructure.
Flight Control Stations   Since its inception, the Excelsior-class has seen ships that are larger, faster, and more maneuverable. Still, the class has been widely revered by purists as a joy to pilot. With no-nonsense controls at the ready, pilots can focus on pure flying.
Mission Ops Station   Despite its age and outdated systems and parts, the USS Nomad is still a complex machine managed and maintained by hundreds of crew. From the mission ops station, the Chief Operations Officer and designees can monitor all of the ship wide systems and coordinate the efforts for various departments in operations specific to the overall mission or ad hoc events.
Science Station   During its travels, the USS Nomad is expected to encounter countless new worlds and civilizations. The Chief Science Officer, or designee, will have direct access to scans and readings gathered by the ship's sensor arrays. From his/her station, the Science Officer can also coordinate with all of the Science Division's sub-departments.
Tactical Station   While the USS Nomad lacks the firepower of most other vessels of the modern Starfleet, she still packs a punch with her upgraded weapons and defensive systems. From the tactical station, the Chief Security/Tactical Officer and staff can monitor the ship's defensive systems and battle readiness. Tactical engagements and ship alert statuses are coordinated from this station.