Season One, Episode Two - Effigies of the Doomed

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The crew of the USS Nomad have traversed just over 30,000 lightyears in a matter of hours with the help of a piece of advanced alien technology known as the Razzari Jump Drive. Though the trip through the drive's transit corridor was uneventful, the ship's exit into normal space has left the USS Nomad damaged and dead is space. The crew has reached their destination, though they find themselves vulnerable in the wild and untamed Sector 557-B.

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Season One, Episode One - The Expendables (Pilot)

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Following an event known as the Razzari Incursion, Starfleet Intelligence has devised a plan to secure technology from a far-off region of the Alpha Quadrant. Project: Nomad has been on the drawing board for nearly a year. The time for implementation is at hand. To minimize the risk of loss to Starfleet’s ranks and operations, Starfleet Intelligence has opted to select a ship and crew deemed to be ‘expendable’. After having spent several decades as a living museum, the Excelsior-class USS Nomad has been given new life at McKinley Station. Several of Starfleet’s personnel under disciplinary review or with tainted records have been selected for the mission with orders to report for duty. Few Officers have been given the opportunity to volunteer for the dangerous mission, with even fewer accepting the challenge.