The Sim

The Excelsior-class USS Nomad was commissioned in 2289 and was commanded by Captain Kristina Rossi. After two five-year missions of cataloging gaseous anomalies and charting systems, the Nomad underwent a refit in 2299.

The Nomad launched again in 2300 under the command of Captain Michael Hodge and continued its mission of exploration of the Alpha quadrant. In 2310, the Nomad’s first officer, Jessica Parker, was promoted to Captain and assumed command for her first five-year mission. In 2315, the Nomad served as flagship for Rear Admiral Joseph Hill before his subsequent retirement.

In 2316, the Nomad was decommissioned and turned over to Starfleet Academy as a training vessel where she served admirably for the next ten years. Finally, in 2326, the Nomad was loaned to the Starfleet Memorial Society where she was dry-docked in Earth’s lunar orbit as an homage to Starfleet’s architecture and ingenuity. The Nomad became a museum for all manner of civilians and tourists to explore and get a taste of life aboard a starship.

After the events of the Rizzari Incursion, Starfleet terminated its lease with the SMS and retrofitted the Nomad to be put back in service for a mission to Sector 557-B.