Lieutenant JG Lirith M'Rana

Name Lirith M'Rana

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 160 cm
Weight 50 kg
Hair Color ginger
Eye Color golden
Physical Description Small, furry and ginger is the best way to describe Lirith. She is always impeccably groomed and presentable, keeping her mane trimmed in a very human style rather than those most frequent with her race. She has a long, sleek ginger tail, and walks barefoot as most caitians.

Off duty she usually wears long, but very stylish clothes, with a lot of jewelry.


Father Garyan M'Rana - physician on Cait
Mother Shalheira M'Rana - physician on Cait
Brother(s) Arren M'Rana - Caitian Secondary Education Student
Boras M'Rana - Caitian Primary Education Student
Sister(s) Vilys M'Rana - Biologist, University of Cait
Other Family Many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly and curious, very sociable. Lirith can be found out and about with the people, with friends, enjoying herself. With her acute hearing of subharmonics and knack for languages she is very communicable.

Fiercely intelligent, she is also loyal to those who earn her trust but is ever polite and respectful towards everyone whether she likes them or not.

The more time she spends with outsiders, the more she is starting to appreciate Caitian values and virtues. One such virtue is never, for any reason other than her or another's life being in danger - extracting her claws. She does keep them sharpened, but to extract them publically, it is something very frowned upon in Caitian society, as is losing one's temper in public.

Another thing she has also begun to appreciate is her natural way of speaking, which sounds like a mix of words and purrs. When she entered the Academy she had tried to speak as close to the Federation Standard as possible, but it was always rather difficult (due to the nature of her vocal cords). However with time she has learned to accept her difference and returned to her normal diction. While she is a good communications officer, she is better as a translator rather than en face interpreter due to the way she speaks.

She is still learning how to be a good leader, but she definitely has the potential to be one, but this as everything is down to experience.
Strengths & Weaknesses + superb hearing and excellent vision
+ excellent communications officer (with a flare for languages)
+ very agile and athletic (excellent hand-eye coordination)
+ very adaptable to the situation and good under pressure

- due to Caitian physionomy, she is not a very physically strong individual
- due to Caitian physiology, she has great difficulty digesting vegetables (grains are a little easier to deal with)
- doesn't like crowded spaces and has difficulty keeping her focus and calm if there are too many people around her for a long period of time
- while sociable, she forms very few real connections with people, simply due to Caitian societal norms which can make her seem a bit aloof, while it's really more her upbringing
Ambitions To one day work at Starfleet Operations and with luck even run it.
Hobbies & Interests Lirith is quite a fashionista in her own Caitian right, her interests and knowledge ranging from clothes to grooming products to make up aswell as hair dressing. She's an avid climber and sprinter and tries to keep up with the kersos method of hand to hand combat, specially developed by Caitians (focusing on agility and speed rather than strength and power of hits).

She is also an avid linguist, loving to learn new ways of communication.

Languages: Cait, Federation Standard, Tzenkethi, Antican, Orion, Cardassian, Bajoran, Vulcan, Romulan, Trill, Terran Spanish

Personal History Lirith was born as the second eldest in a litter of four. All four of the kittens had an ear for languages, speaking three or four languages by the age of five, each. Whilst Vilys followed their parents footsteps most closely, Lirith and the brothers had different ideas.

Lirith showed a technical aptitude from the very early age and focused her education in that direction, while the brothers, Arren and Boras, while still in primary and secondary education are studying up to be pilots and security officers.

Lirith herself knew she wanted to become a Starfleet officer from a young age, since she'd met a few of the officers of the USS Sevastopol which had been stationed in the Regulan system as part of the defense taskforce for the sector during the Dominion War. Luckily, Cait had not experienced much of the Dominion War in as full a force as
She had been fascinated with the technology and opportunities Starfleet brought. These encounters set her on a path for Starfleet Academy when she was 16.

She passed the entrance exam in the first sitting. The next four years would see her training in the Operations and Engineering division, focusing her studies on communications, linguistics and sensor operations. Lirith also enjoyed the social life being a cadet brought with it.

M'Rana graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2386 and was stationed on the USS Hokkaido, an Akira class vessel first as Communications Officer and later in 2387 as Assistant Chief of Operations. It was on the Hokkaido that she first came into contact with the Marine Corps of Starfleet, as the ship was a troop and vehicle carrier. The Cait decided that she didn't much like the burly, combative marines who seemed intent on having something to prove to people. Rather than that the simple truth was, she was too much of a mild mannered, pacifist soul for restless and combative energy of the Marines.

With her promotion to Lieutenant JG came also a reassignment to the USS Nomad as Assistant Chief of Operations. Now this was an adventure, Lirith soon realized that made her realize she may just be in over her head with.

Service Record 2382-2386 - Starfleet Academy (Operations Track)
2386-2388 - USS Hokkaido, Communications Officer, Assistant Chief of Operations
2388-pres. - USS Nomad, Chief of Operations