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Ensign Gweneira Emberly

Name Gweneira 'Gwen' Emberly

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 72 kg
Hair Color dak brown/black
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Gweneira stands at a relatively average height for a human female. Her physique is well toned tough not at the expense of her feminine features, a product of precise and careful regiment, to not lose form yet build endurance and muscle mass.

Her hair is long and in a layered cut, usually pulled back in a ponytail or a bun on duty, whereas she usually wears it loose or just lightly pulled back off duty. Her private style of dress is practical and comfortable, though she does have a special enseble for the odd occasion. Her makeup is usually light and just lightly accentuating rather than heavily layered and obvious.

She can pull off most outfits and hairstyles well for the assignment.


Father Ross Emberly - fisherman, Fort Augustus
Mother Eara Emberly - manager, Cairngorms National Park

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gwen is deep down a proper, feisty scottish spitfire. Deep down, behind walls of training, professionalism and adaptability to he situation. Her training in psychology and profiling has lent her the knowhow to adapt and change herself, in personality and appearance to the given task. It has also given her the almost uncanny knack for reading people in return and drawing information out of them.

Gweneira is capable of talking a lot and enjoying her silence, being boisterous when needed and the quiet one in the corner. When she talks, she rarely gives out information about herself but rather expertly derails the conversation towards the other speaker, focusing on them, which in most cases is welcomed by the speaker. This has earned her quite the reputation as a ‘good listener’ and it has also helped her in her counselling and interrogative career.

Whilst she comes from a religious, Christian Catholic family, Gwen herself is agnostic, sporting her own set of morals as best she can in the world where there are only shades of gray. Even still, she tries to do well by fellow humanoid if possible.

She rarely fully opens up to anyone, due to the fact she is very slow to trust, eventhough she doesn’t show the fact outwardly. Once she makes a friend however, she is loyal and devoted to them, due to the fact that she is aware that one only has precious few true friends in life.

Emberly is far from a cold person, though due to her job it often comes over that way. Again, one has to look carefully at small gestures and mannerisms that show care and affection.

On the odd occasion she falls in love, which she spends a lot of time denying it, she is never very open or vocal about it, which is often a lucky deterrent for shallow, would be suitors.

She isn’t as slow to anger as she is slow to love and trust. In her youth she was quite easily angered and Gwen let it show. However nowadays, with the experience of the war and years in Intelligence, she is much more tempered and restrained in showing her temper. Even still, she does not suffer fools easily.

As a leader, she is firm but fair, leading by example rather than simply issuing tasks. She encourages her people to seek her out when needed as she knows that it makes her job easier and their collective job easier as well if everyone was well adjusted and devoted to the job properly. As a colleague she quickly proves reliable, efficient and loyal.
She doesn’t speak to anyone aside from her physician about her deteriorating eyesight and it being the reason she was assigned back to a starship again and pulled out of field work. While she is not yet crippled by it, the fear of eventual blindness is slowly getting to her.

She speaks with a rather heavy scottish accent, only really bothering to switch to regular ‘queen’s english’ if people ask her to clarify what she said.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Brilliant analyst and researcher, seeing patterns and images where most would not

+ Excellent at reading people, both from body language and notes on file

+ Good physical shape

+ Unncaily adaptable

+ Qualified research and practicing psychologist and profiler

- Deteriorating eyesight (at the moment only known to the CMO and SFI Medical Officer at Orion Section) - managable at the moment with corrective surgeries but it will grow worse with age unless somehow managed (diminished marksmanship and finer motorics skills as a result)

- Can at times have lowered mental filters and let her temper get the better of her (especially if dealing with foolish people)

- Her thick scottish accent can be very difficult to understand at times

- Aside from basic knowledge due to mandatory courses at the Academy and SFI training, she is quite inept with all things technical, finding technical pursuits quite intimidating

- Has no appreciation for art what so ever
Ambitions To one day join and run a Behavioral Analysis Unit either at Starfleet Security or with Starfleet Intelligence itself.
Hobbies & Interests Reading up on scientific journals dealing with psychology, sociology and ethnology. Gwen also likes to keep in shape by practice of the russian martial art of systema and the vulcan art of ke-tarya as well as swimming and running. On the odd occasion she gets the chance to, she cooks for the odd friend that she has.

Another secret she keeps from almost all but her closest friends and family is her love of myths, legends and ghost stories, especially those of the infamous Nessie. So when she gets the time, she researches and reads up on them.

Languages: Scottish, Gaelic, Federation Standard, Russian, Klingon, Orion

Personal History Pre-Starfleet:

Born as the only child of Eara and Ross Emberly, in Fort Augustus a small settlement at the south west end of the infamous Loch Ness in Scotland. Her father Ross was a local fisherman who would tell young Gweneira many folk tales and legends when she was a child, especially the many a fable of the Nessie, the ‘monster’ that made the Loch a famed tourist attraction for many centuries. Eara, her mother worked as one of the managers of the nearby Cairngorms National Park.

Her childhood was spent on the shores of the lake, exploring its vastness, the ruins, the nooks and crannies and occasionally going out on the lake with her father in his fishing boat. In the evenings, after school would finish and after she would have her time outside at the shore or at the hills surrounding the loch, Gweneira would come home at night, reading after a family dinner. Her reading consisted of a lot of research, for she had made it her goal to achieve the impossible, to find ‘Nessie’. Years would pass, many a book would be read, to little avail.

This near obsession somewhat distracted her from her studies. Whilst a decent student, both parents and teachers felt she could do more, better. So when she was asked what she wanted to do with her life, her answer was unclear. All she knew was she wanted to do something with research. With such a vague answer, the responsible adults knew they needed to help her decide before she started high-school, to help her find her path in life.
The aptitude tests showed that aside from a passion into all types of research and analytics, Gweneira had a flare for psychology and sociology, the intricacies of what made humanoids tick and the adjoining sociological aspects of it. So, she focused on those studies in highschool, intent on preparing herself for University, to perhaps become a research scientist or psychologist.

Her passion for myths and legends as well as the paranormal never abated. Highschool was a time of experimentation and exploration for the young highland lass, both in relationships, preferences. Gweneira was offered illicit substances several times. She’d tried them, however only once and decided opiate consumption was not for her. She did become quite calibrated in the liquor department, having been taught from a young age that a proper highland lass needs to be able to hold her liquor, so she usually ended up drinking most of her friends under the table.

She did come out as somewhat of a different person however. Having grown up in such a small town, she was expected to head on to Inverness for study after high school, find a good career, settle down back at the Loch and raise a family. Gweneira wanted more out of her life, so her decision to apply for Starfleet Academy instead and wander off into the stars did not sit well with her parents initially, though they eventually accepted it, especially when they learned she would be training in the fields of research psychology, sociology and their xeno equivalents.

The Academy years flew by pretty quickly for Gweneira, as she focused on her studies and research rather than living it up. She had done her living up through highschool. She would study along some of the greatest future scientific minds as she shaped herself into an expert on the research aspects of the sciences of the mind. She also studied ethnology in both human and xeno varieties.

She graduated in 2373 just at the beginning of the Dominion War and her skills ended up being more needed than she would have ever imagined. She was assigned as a sociologist initially to the Science department of the USS Madrid, a Nebula class vessel.


Life on the front line however had little place for a socioogist. With her skills in psychology she was soon transferred to the Counselling department first as an aide to Counselor Giles Warren and afterwards replacing him after the Battle of Tyra that the Madrid barely got out of mostly in one piece. Gwen had come into contact with the wounded, the survivors, those who have lost people they loved. Part of her felt glad she got to polish her craft on such heavy cases, the other part felt a bit guilty that she was using the misery of others to advance her skills and pool of acquaintances.

One such person was the Madrid’s intelligence officer Arus Trax, who was a betazoid, who had lost his entire family during the occupation of Betazed, and his wife during the second battle if Chin’toka. With the delicate nature of his mental state, Gwen ended up being the only one he would respond to and was as such given clearance to try and attempt to counsel the man back to health.

Gwen didn’t see much combat in the physical sense of the word during the war, but she had most certainly seen its after effects on people, a lot of whom would take years to recover, some even never doing so. Commander Trax was transferred off the Madrid a little before the battle of Cardassia, the final conflict of the war and it wasn’t until several months later that she would see him again or even know if she had been successful in her treatment of him.

It would be back on Earth, four months after the end of the war, on well deserved shoreleave, that Gweneira would meet her patient again. Only this time, the betazoid was of a lot sounder mind and on a mission. His mission was to offer her a job with the so called ‘Service’, or more commonly known, Starfleet Intelligence. It was her treatment of him and her method of handling him as a literal classified case that had set her on Intelligence’s radar, along with her aptitude scores.

It was a very tempting offer, considering the fact she’d never really wanted to be a practicing psychologist but rather a research one. Still, she needed time to fully process the tempting and dangerous offer. With her parents being allowed to know, Gwen spent the next week of shoreleave deliberating with them and with herself, weighing the pros and cons, the benefits and the dangers.

It was during one of her solitary walks along the Loch that she realized that she needed this change and this opportunity. It was also a way she could do good and maybe help stop or at least deterr future wars, help stop future victims and survivors. She also knew that she would need to put a lot of effort into the additional training it would no doubt involve, even be ready to do a lot of things she would have never have dreamed of doing otherwise.

***Begin classified section***

So she accepted Trax’s offer and left for the Mars training facility a week later. The following year would see a lot of changes on her both mentally and physically. From learning Orion and Klingon to adding profiling to her skill set and various technical skills (which she really struggled with) to physical changes. She gained a lot more body mass in form of muscles and definition, thus increasing her agility and physical strength as well as stamina through rigorous practice of the russian martial art of systema and the vulcan martial art ke-tarya.

Her first assignment was one she had craved most, that of an analyst. Orion section needed a fresh set of eyes to improve their operations so they had extensively recruited from the ‘rookie’ pool, grabbing Gwen along with others.

The first two years were spent behind the literal and proverbial desk, spending countless hours pouring over data of various kinds. During a case, she managed to pick up a pattern others involved in the case were missing and she was brought in to assist in the apprehension and interrogation of their target within the infamous Orion Syndicate. The positive results of that case elevated Gwen to interrogator status. She would raise further through the ranks in the following two years, becoming an asset handler for the section, helping coordinate field officers as well as their informants and her own as well. Serving in this section was not easy as it dealt with the biggest criminal element out there of them all, and Emberly was exposed to some of the worst actions and attributes that humanoid beings could do to each other. Further data is classified Security Council and above.

In 2382, she was transferred to the Klingon section. With her experiences as analyst and interrogator, as well as handler within the Orion section, she was deemed sufficiantly hardened and desensitized to join those devoted to spying on the most fearsome warriors of the alpha and beta quadrants. Considering that the klingon intelligence force was rather sub par when compared to that of the romulans or the cardassians or even the bajorans, Gweneira began receiving more and more field assignments, which again had a profound effect on the scotswoman. Further data is classified Security Council and above.

She was demoted in 2386 from Lieutenant to Ensign as a part of a planned operation to take down a suspected corrupted officer within the section. All data pertaining to the operation is classified Security Council and above. Officially, she was demoted for conduct unbecoming an officer.

A few months later in 2386 she began experiencing unusual headaches, mostly centered around her eyes, and her optical nerves. After about six months, she started having blurry vision, almost as if a sudden onset of myopia (short sightedness) and asthigmatism in one. It would come and go initially before the loss of visual acuity become a permanent problem. This caused her to be pulled from active duty in the field and remanded to Starfleet Medical for tests to determine what the problem was and how to fix it.

It came to light that she suffered from a genetic anomaly which caused progressive blindness. It was a normally dormant gene passed down through generations through the Emberly line, activating only every few generations. When genetic testing was done in her youth it was determined that her gene was dormant. So when the gene suddenly reactivated the doctors were quite shocked. It took the Klingon Section’s medical officer to offer an answer.

The last mission she was on was the cause of the reactivation, as she came into contact with a chemical compound that had the adverse effect. While the compound was no longer in her system and she was not a danger to others, the condition remained untreatable. It was how managable by surgeries. So she requested a medical LOA to try to alleviate her condition with surgery. It took her nearly a year to recuperate properly and regain her eye sight. While the condition is currently stabile, she will need micro surgeries every three months to keep it that way.

After she was pronunced cleared for duty, Gwen faced a new problem. With her condition, she is unfit to serve in the field for any prolonged periods of time. So she was offered a reassignment to a starship position. Whilst not too happy about it, Gwen knew it was either this or face lateral reassignment back to regular fleet or retirement to civilian life. This was something she didn’t think she could do just yet.

She was approached by Rear Admiral Kenneth Rhoades soon after re-assigned to starship duty with an offer. The USS Nomad a tricky assignment in terms of ship, crew and tech. With her training as counselor, she would be inserted as a junior counselor aboard the ship, as the position would be low-key enough so that she could monitor the proceedings without rising much suspicion.

However, when plans get set down...they rarely go according to parameters, don't they?

Service Record 2369 - 2373 - Starfleet Academy (Major: Psychology and Xeno Psychology, Minor: Sociology and Ethnology)
2373 - 2374 - USS Madrid - Sociologist, Counselor’s Aide
2374 - 2375 - USS Madrid, Counselor
2375 - 2376 - Recruited into SFI, undergoes year long training

***Begin classified section***
2376 - 2382 - Transferred to Orion Section - analyst, interrogator, handler
2382 - 2387 - Transferred to Klingon Section - handler, senior field officer
2386 - ----- - Demoted for conduct unbecoming
2387 - 2388 - Medical LOA
2388 - pres. - Transferred to USS Nomad - Chief Intelligence Officer