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Lieutenant Anaya Chamling

Name Anaya Diya Chamling

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anaya is a fit woman, olive complexioned, possessing a femininely athletic form and a warm smile that fits easily on her face.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Pawan Chamling
Mother Shweta Chamling
Brother(s) Kazi Chamling
Sister(s) Deepika Chopra
Kangana Balan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anaya is a focused woman who is extremely competent at those tasks she puts her hand to. She is generally a warm, genial woman, but she does not tolerate over familiarity, patronizing or prideful ignorance that can be dangerous to her or others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Extremely competent in her various fields.
Diplomatic and cooperative when called for.
Insightful and ingenuous
Does not tolerate fools lightly.
Ambitions Until recently, Anaya was happy with her life as a recognized expert of avifauna and megafauna in the Himalayas. But with her recent assignment to the Nomad, she had begun rethinking her priorities.
Hobbies & Interests Loves hiking, camping, mountaineering and is an expert technical climber.
Avid chess player, is ranked as a master in Earth's FIDE
Is an avid fan of Kabaddi, able to spout out statistics and recount games recent and historical with amazing detail. However, she will be the first to admit she was always a "last pick" in spontaneous games.

Personal History Anaya grew up the youngest of the four children of two biologists living in the small city of Gangtok in the Eastern Himalayas. As such, she was constantly exposed to the beauty of the Himalayas and grew up being both comfortable in and knowledgeable of them.

Anaya displayed an early affinity for mathematics at the age of five (and, while serving as an instructor at Starfleet Academy, would become the youngest recipient of the Fields Medal at the age of 26).

Anaya also displayed an almost intuitive knowledge of advance technology and, by age eleven, was the unofficial repair and maintenance person for all the instruments her parents used on their scientific forays into the Himalayan foothills.

At age seventeen, Anaya applied for and was accepted to Starfleet Academy and the next four years would develop her into a bright, ambitious, optimistic young officer.

And then the Dominion War began.

Anaya was assigned as an engineering officer to the Li Wo, a Centaur-class starship that was part of the Seventh Fleet. Continual demonstration of being cool-head under pressure, along with the attrition of battle suffered by ships of the Seventh Fleet, led to quick promotion, as well as taking some of the 'shine' off her worldview.

At the end of the Dominion War, a young but battle weary Lieutenant Chamling was assigned to the dual role of first officer and chief engineering officer of the USS Golden Hind, a newly commissioned Nova classed starship assigned to map out unexplored and untraveled areas within the Federation's claimed interior, as well as serve as a multipurpose courier. Anaya's time on the Golden Hind included two First Contacts, three diplomatic conferences and a chance to put time between her and the War.

After the Golden Hind, the next five years were ones of academic distinction for Anaya, first as a distinguished instructor at the Academy, and then on detached duty to the multi-disciplinary team assigned to study the technology the Voyager had brought back from the Delta Quadrant, and subsequently incorporate it into the Starfleet technology base.

It was during this time that Anaya's dormant temper came to light. It wasn't a constant thing, but it was there. A good deal of it came about because boorish behavior that would not and could not be tolerated on a starship all too often seemed commonplace back on Earth, particular when Anaya had to mingle in diplomatic and academic circles. Individuals who had never been outside the Solar system or had ever worked on an active ship's warp core felt free to lecture Anaya on both, and more than once had been subject to a scathing, uncensored retort on their ignorance.

The issue came to a forefront when Anaya had an argument with the team lead on a warp project about an adaptation of Delta Quadrant technology. Anaya was trying to demonstrate to her lead that the adaptation in question would create an asymmetric warp field with detrimental results. Anaya had prepared a well document argument for her concerns when the team lead contemptuously dismissed her, stating that perhaps her limited intellect would be more suited for some other project. Anaya's response was to punch her team lead in the nose, rendering him unconscious.

Anaya happily agreed resigning her active duty commission, and headed back home. Three months later, a test vessel with the adapted warp drive exploded, killing the five person flight team on board. By that time, Anaya didn't care she had been vindicated. She was happy to be back on the Roof of the World.

Skip five years ahead, and Anaya is giving a lecture at a university in upstate New York on black eagles. Afterwards, she takes a few questions and is about to travel to the Betelgeusian consulate for dinner when she is intercepted by her former commanding officer on the Golden Hind (now a Rear Admiral). Over coffee, her former commander plants the idea of Anaya accepting a position on the Nomad, an idea she will eventually accept.
Service Record 2369 - 2373 -- Starfleet Academy
2373 - 2375 -- USS Li Wo
2375 - 2378 -- USS Golden Hind
2378 - 2379 -- Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2379 - 2383 -- Researcher, Daystrom Institute
2383 -- Resigns Active Duty Commission
2388 -- Second Officer/Chief Engineering Officer, USS Nomad