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Chief Warrant Officer Julia Little

Name Julia Little

Position Chief Support Craft Pilot

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9”
Weight 9st. 7lb. (135.8Ibs)
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Julia is subtly taller than average yet quite petite. Her figure is slim and elegant but not overly toned. She has a fair skin complexion that is scarcely freckled and her head is set with a mass of soft, wavy, brunette hair. At its full length, her hair drapes down just past her shoulders, usually free flowing.


Spouse None - Currently Single.
Children None.
Father Tristan Little (Aquatic Engineer).
Mother Veronika Kirov (Oceanographer).
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) Kelly Reed (Civilian Transport Authority).
Other Family Victor Kirov – Stepfather. (Biologist).
Karl Reed - Brother-in-law. (Civilian Aerospace Contractor).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julia is a professional, approachable but unambitious Officer, who has settled comfortably into the routine of a 'starfleet career'. Compassionate and caring at heart, she usually comes off as a little strong minded. Nevertheless, behind this calm façade, she can become quite panicky when confronted with tough situations.

She tends to suffer mild streaks of fussiness when it comes to food and this often affects her appetite. To the detriment of others, when she cannot get her own way, she tends to employ an unmistakable toffee-nosed attitude to express her thoughts and feelings quite loudly.

Coupled with the fact that she can barely handle a personal-phaser at the best of times, having barely qualified in the defensive classes back at Starfleet Academy. It is clear to see why Julia would foster a more anti-violent approach as it fits well with her personality.

While on-duty Julia will occasionally flaunt the lady-like 'skirt' variant of the Starfleet uniform, this usually is not such a problem, as she tends to shy away from physical activities. While off duty, yet still in public view, she is inclined towards stylish wear which would be considered moderate yet classy.

As pretentious as she may seem while in the public domain, behind closed doors and in the privacy of her own space, Julia displays a different side. She favours simple and very practical fitting clothing. Has a liking for rock and roll music which is one of her secret fancies, but as with the simple clothing, it’s not flourished in public as it contrasts with her very elegant alter-ego appearance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Julia is as loyal as they come, earning her respect and befriending her trust is usually a great asset.

As Julia does not have a muscular build, threatening forcefulness or a great deal of skill when brandishing a weapon. She tends to bluff her way through confrontational situations and as such does not have much of a killer instinct, that side of her is still thoroughly underdeveloped.

Julia can be a little indecisive at times. Without the time in order to make a well-informed decision, she cannot trust herself enough to do what she might think is right.
Ambitions Julia believes in peaceful exploration and discovery, she strives to work towards that ultimate goal, Starfleet’s ultimate goal. She has a weak point for politics and diplomacy and cannot understand why not every species can put aside cultural differences and work together to better the universe as a whole.
Hobbies & Interests Julia enjoys a bit of art appreciation, she also enjoys a touch of light exercise, preferably yoga. Reading (adventure novels), drawing, and being outdoors are among a few of her other interests. Rock climbing and abseiling both appeal to her although in truth hardly practised.

Personal History Julia hails from a mostly centralised Eastern-European upbringing. Her Mother, a Russian woman by the name of Veronika Korrik, an Oceanographer who mostly worked out of Saint Petersburg – Julia’s place of birth. Veronika Korrik met Tristan Little – an English born Aquatic Engineer - during a world-energy conference in the late 2350’s. Both Veronika and Tristan continued to court for more than a few years before finally marrying and settling down near the coast in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Julia was born the following year. While growing up in Saint Petersburg for most of her childhood and young adult life, Julia inherited her Mother’s soft-Russian accent while developing a more than fluent English language base from her father; the result was mixture of the two.

A few years passed without any major disturbances until her younger sister Kelly was born. Until then Julia had been the focus of both her parents attention, but soon things began to change and her mother Veronika, started to take a greater interest in Kelly almost to the point of completely ignoring Julia. Being a typical ‘little daddy’s girl’ her father had voiced his concerns over the way her mother had begun to treat Julia.

Soon, even her father was receiving the same treatment; her parents seemed to speak less and less. Julia does not remember exactly how it had all happened back then, but it had caused a stir within the once tight-knit family. As her mother began to invest her time heavily in Kelly, her father began doing the same with their first-born child.

Julia soon started to accompany her father to work more frequently, he would put aside time, time to teach her about some of the great wonders of which he worked with on a daily basis. This is of course, where through her father’s influence and lack of guidance from her mother, she picked up her keen interest in Science.

As Julia grew older, her father started letting her attend a wide range of social events. These where the type of events which came with the perks of being an Earth based Aquatic Engineer, there were many conferences and fund raising events going on throughout any given year. As such, she began to notice the social etiquettes usually associated with such occasions; you could say it was where Julia learned her social habits.

She can remember those times when she would catch her father looking in her direction from across a busy room, a soft smile on his face, she would see him mouth a little phrase he used time and time again, “That’s my little princess.” Julia looks back on those little moments with a great fondness in her heart; it was something she could say she did not share with her mother, of course, she still loved her mother. It was just that her love of her mother was not as great as that of her father.

Julia still keeps in touch with her mother and little sister, but during the split, she decided to live with her father. Her mother was against it, but that only fuelled Julia’s decision further more. Soon after, Julia and her father moved to a new residence in England. While her mother and younger sister stayed at their family home still within Russia. However, with that major blow to her father, he simply introduced Julia to many different after school activities, a form of extra circular activity. He knew some colleagues from work with children who also went to some excellent after school classes, so in her free time, after studies Julia had the chance to enjoy something new.

Time passed by slowly and with each year, Julia grew a little older. There were the trivial teenage things in her life, the sort of things every teen has to deal with, boys, bullies, and grades… the usual stuff that happens to every teenage child. While attending schooling, Julia suffered less than others did; she kept her head down and got on with it as her father had told her to. She led an almost quiet life, excelling in most of her subjects and studies. She was always much organised and full of ideas, but technology based sciences seemed to be the one subject that she bested most other students in her classes.

So after, another announcement, her mother Veronika was remarrying. The new husband and step-father to be, Victor Kirov; he was an accomplished Biologist who worked for the same civilian company as Veronika at the time. Julia did attend the wedding, but her father did not make an appearance.

Tristan responded to the news in what was becoming his usual manor, soon Julia found herself enrolled in Art classes. It seemed that for every hardship that her father had to endure; Julia was lavished with more knowledge and life experience, it was his own way of making sure Julia never lost out through his own suffering. Life carried on this way for years, every time something bad happened, Tristan would invest more deeply in his daughter’s future – his little princess had to have the best.

Slowly but surely Julia began to approaching a pivotal age, eighteen… ever since she had turned seventeen, her father had progressively changed his tune. Suddenly he began singing songs of praise regarding Starfleet and the Federation, until then neither subject had been mentioned outside of her studies. He began talking about the wonders of the universe, the impossible feats of which the human race had accomplished.

On her eighteenth birthday, her father proudly announced to her that she would be enrolling in Starfleet’s Academy, “purely for academic reasons of course!” he reiterate to her. Julia was not surprised by this outburst, having graduated from school she felt she was old enough to understand why her father had been talking increasingly about Starfleet up until this very point. He wanted her to join; he kept saying it was the logical next step in her academic path… but when Julia looked into her father’s eyes, she saw so much more than what he did say.

Although he would not admit to it, he wanted her to leave the nest, as painful as it was for him. His time in her life had been leading up to this; he wanted better things in this lifetime for his daughter. Kelly his other daughter had engaged to a young boy named Karl Reed. It looked to be a set thing for the future and Tristan simply wanted Julia to do better than that, he wanted to show them all just what his beautiful little princess had blossomed into - the sky wouldn’t be the limit any more.

Julia yielded to her father’s schemes, willingly in the end. She had been reluctant at first, but he had done so much for her how could she justify refusing him such a request after all they had been through together?

She enrolled into the Starfleet Academy in San-Francisco, her mother had no say in the matter, the news had only reached her after Julia had been accepted based on academic merit. It was a major adjustment to her life, for all those years prior to this, she had lived alongside her beloved father in their new home in England.

Having joined Starfleet at her father’s request, Julia attended the Academy in San-Francisco where she would live on campus until she was an alumnus (graduate). She started her new life by applying herself to the Operations division and its teachings, but soon realised it was about more than Technology, it actually required her to operate and maintain a wide range of different software and operating systems. It was at this point that she decided this division of the Academy was not to her liking.

In a fret about her current dilemma, she approached one of the many careers advisor's, based on a series of tests, the advisor had suggested a Starfleet Major in Flight, followed up by a Starfleet Minor in Engineering to round out and complete her overall studies. Going with what had been suggested to her by the advisor; she switched classes and tried her best to catch up with what she had already missed since starting at the Academy that academic year.

Julia had finally gotten to the end of her four-year course. It had taken some time to do so, but by the end, she had risen to the top ranks of her individual classes. Upon her graduation from the academy at the age of twenty-three, Julia had decided on advice from her father, to take on a further one year to complete the officer-training course, which she ultimately failed. The only upside being that she excelled enough to be granted the initial Warrant Officer ranking, which would eventually lead to her being able to retake Officer training at a later date.

Soon after, Julia was presented with her first official assignment; U.S.S. Navajo (NCC-74673), a Nova Class, there she would spend the first few years of her active service as a Junior Pilot. During Julia’s time aboard the U.S.S. Navajo (NCC-74673), she had grown so familiar with her duties; she was then able to find time to gain specialist auxiliary craft flight lessons and was soon qualified to pilot a wide range of shuttles and support craft.

Two years later, Julia was transferred to the USS Trinity River (NCC-6425); it was an old Centaur class vessel where she served as a senior pilot. She was involved with a few border patrol and anti-pirate operations within and around Sector 30 –app. 130 light years (ly) from Earth.

One year on from that moment and with an excellent service record to her name so far. Julia was transferred over to the USS Nomad, as the ship's Chief Support Craft Pilot on a temporary basis. With a number of shortfalls in experienced officers due to the countless number of conflicts which starfleet had suffered though, Julia would remain in the position until an appropriate candidate could be chosen to fill the position on a more permanent basis...

=A= Medical History =A=

Allergy: Cortopine.
-A strong stimulant, often found in standard medkits.
Side-effects: Strong Headaches and Becomes Irritable.

Allergy: Inimizine.
- A caffeine-like substance, with similar effects.
Side-effects: Irritable Skin and Strong Headaches.

Allergy: Masiform-D.
-A powerful stimulant, used to combat the effects of other drugs.
Side-effect: Stomach-Ache and Becomes Drowsy.

=A= Education & Qualifications =A=

Star fleet Major: Flight Operations.
Star fleet Minor: Engineering.
Language: Vulcan.
Service Record Starfleet Serial Number: FSN 092-54-4401.

Starfleet Academy.
Position: Cadet.

Starfleet Officer Training Year.
Position: Intern.
Rank: CWO 1st Class.

U.S.S. Navajo – NCC-74673.
Position: Junior Pilot.
Rank: CWO 2nd Class.

USS Trinity River - NCC-6425.
Position: Senior Pilot.
Rank: CWO 3rd Class.

Epsilon Five Colony - Shipyard.
Position: Transport Pilot.
Rank: CWO 3rd Class.

USS Nomad - NCC-76241.
Position: Chief Support Pilot.
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer.