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Lieutenant JG V'Lara

Name V'Lara

Position Former Crewmember

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11 ½
Weight 137 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Statuesque and graceful, V’Lara has long, dark brown hair that is customarily worn down. It often covers her distinctive Vulcan ears, occasionally causing others to mistake her as human. She will wear her hair up for more formal occasions, though she prefers her duty uniform or other utilitarian clothing to fancy dress and gowns.


Spouse Tavik (Redacted from personnel file)
Father Sevek
Mother T'Vanna
Brother(s) K'Vec

Personality & Traits

General Overview Inquisitive and intelligent, V'Lara is devoted to exploration and discovery. She holds both herself and those around her to the highest standard, and can be a effective if strict supervisor. Like many Vulcans, she consumes an entirely plant-based diet. She has cultivated an appreciation for music, and when listening or playing it is one of the only times she appears to display any emotion; the other time is reserved for moments of scientific significance, in which an expression of awe is only logical.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Precise, analytical, and curious. Strong sense of duty and integrity. Enhanced strength and endurance due to Vulcan physiology, along with limited telepathic capability.

Weaknesses: Diplomacy is an area of concern, as her direct manner of speech lacks the finesse required in such situations. Her high expectations of excellence can also hinder her relationships with others, leading some to feel she believes herself superior to them.
Ambitions V'Lara expects to excel in her career and to eventually transfer to a command her own, focused on medical and scientific expeditions. She also endeavors to master a variety of musical instruments.
Hobbies & Interests Music, meditation, botany, and study

Personal History V'Lara was born and spent her childhood in the Vulcan city of ShiKahr. Her father was an archaeologist and her mother a botanist. Her upbringing was rigidly structured and her education began early. Both V'Lara and her brother, K'Vek, developed an aptitude for the sciences, though her interests remained varied while her brother developed a focus on geology. When they were each of age, K'Vec chose to attend the Vulcan Science Academy while V'Lara opted to apply to Starfleet, with its mandate of exploration being more in line with her drive to obtain vast knowledge and experience.

She excelled at Starfleet Academy, finding the work both challenging and rewarding. Her social interactions were limited, but that was of little concern as her priorities were to study as much as possible. In her opinion, other students spent far too much time interacting with one another and not enough interacting with their courses. Therefore it was no surprise that V'Lara was often at the top of her class.

For her fourth and final year at the Academy, V'Lara was accepted to Starfleet Medical, where she went on to specialize in two areas; Emergency Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. The first was an entirely logical decision given the frequency Starfleet personnel encountered emergency situations. The second was perhaps driven from the knowledge that, due to cervical abnormalities, she herself would be unable to bear children. Upon completion of her coursework, she was assigned to the USS Buenos Aires for her internship. A Miranda class vessel that performed a variety of mission types in order to train cadets and new officers, V'Lara was presented with the opportunity to put her education into practice. At the completion of her internship cruise, she graduated with honors.

Her first posting was to the USS Aquarius, an Intrepid class vessel that provided a wealth of medical experience. Between colonial outbreaks and often finding itself in combat, V'Lara worked diligently and was often recognized for her efforts. When a posting became available on the USS Copernicus, she applied for a transfer to the Nova class ship that was more specifically designed for scientific assignments.

It was while serving on Copernicus that the time came to fulfill a family obligation. As a child she had been betrothed to the son of one of her father's colleagues. The time of her wedding to Tavik, who was also an archeologist, had arrived. The two had rarely been in touch over the years, but such familiarity was not a necessity for a Vulcan marriage. She had made him aware that she was biologically incapable of providing children, but Tavik saw no reason to call off the engagement as there were other purposes their union could fulfill. Taking a brief leave to travel to Vulcan, V'Lara was wed in 2383 and spent a month with her new husband. Both decided they would return to their respective careers and meet again in seven years.

After returning to duty, V'Lara was assigned to Deep Space 4 as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. The time on the station was relatively uneventful, but it afforded the opportunity for her to develop her administrative skills. Having demonstrated her capability in the role, she was reassigned to her former intern ship as Chief Medical Officer, tasked with overseeing her department and the continuing education of those under her command.

The work aboard Buenos Aires was satisfying, but after two years in a position devoted to education, V'Lara decided it was time to return to true exploration. With the news that the USS Shawnee had an opening, the Vulcan submitted her transfer request was approved. She has served with distinction and recently been informed that she was being reassigned to fill the Chief Medical Officer position aboard the USS Nomad.
Service Record 2372-2376: Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Pre-Med
2376-2380: Starfleet Medical Academy, Emergency Medicine, OB/GYN
2380-2381: USS Buenos Aires, Internship
2381-2382: USS Aquarius, Medical Officer
2382-2384: USS Copernicus, Medical Officer
2384-2385: Deep Space 4, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2385-2387: USS Buenos Aires, Chief Medical Officer
2387-2388: USS Shawnee, Chief Medical Officer
2388: USS Nomad, Chief Medical Officer