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Ensign Helena Lancaster

Name Helena Kristin Lancaster

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 140
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description While on duty Helena will keep her hair in a bun and off the collar. Off duty, she is often found in jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair is sometimes in a ponytail, or just loose and she often sports her West Point ring on her right ring finger.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Alano Lancaster
Mother Noemi Pendola Lancaster
Brother(s) Michael Lancaster
Sister(s) Clarissa Morrison
Other Family Richard Lancaster, Karin Schmidt, Todd Schroeder, Arline Troy, Aeliana Pendola , Elden Morrison

Personality & Traits

General Overview Distrustful of Romulans, wary of Vulcans and Klingons. Helena tends to have a clear vision of how things should be accomplished and is willing to step into the leadership position to achieve that vision. Having started her career in the enlisted ranks, Helena respects & values their opinions and experience. While she likes having a well constructed plan in place before major events, she has no problem improvising when she feels the need arises.

Being the middle child, Helena quickly learned how to be self sufficient.
Ambitions Helena is unsure of what path her future will take. At this point she is likely to make a career out of Starfleet, although if the right position on a frontier world opened up she would seriously consider leaving Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Running, Skiing, Guitar, Jiu-jitsu, Krav-maga, Banjo, Violin

Personal History Childhood:

Helena was born and raised on the Polyphant colony. Her mother was a school teacher, and her father worked as a news reporter. The mountainous terrain and long winters of the Saeulia province resulted in Helena learning how to ski at an early age. As she matured,she would often spent a portion of winter vacation on ski trips.

When there wasn't enough snow on the ground to facilitate skiing, Helena was often found running on the park trails. In middle school she joined the school’s cross country team, and continued that through high school.

Her mother ensured all the children learned Italian alongside English. Not only did she feel it was good to learn a second language, but it helped them remember their Italian heritage. In high school Helena took Spanish classes to fill the language requirement as it shared a common ancestry with Italian.

Upon graduation from high school in 2149, Helena knew she didn't want to follow her brother who signed on with a freighter crew. While deciding on her future plans, Helena worked at the local space-dock as a cargo handler. It was there she saw a recruiting poster for the MACO which caught her eye. Deciding it provided an exciting career, plus a way off the Polyphant colony, Helena soon signed the enlistment papers.

In January 2150, Helena found herself on a transport to Delta Pavonis in order to attend MACO Basic Training. Twelve weeks later she graduated with the rank of Private First Class. From there, she spent another two months in infantry school.

Upon completion of infantry school, she was assigned to the 47th MACO Battalion. While with the 47th Helena didn't see formal combat action, but did assist in the apprehension of a group of raiders who had been harassing local trade routes.
Helena served with the Battalion for almost 2 years before she left for West Point Military Academy on Earth. She did so at the urging of her commanding officer who saw leadership potential and encouraged her to work towards a commission.

West Point Military Academy:
In July of 2152, Helena became a fourth class cadet at West Point. As the Cadets were required to join in some sort of structured athletics program, Helena joined the West Point swimming & diving team. During her third year at West Point, Helena and the rest of the team defeated a team from Starfleet Academy. That same year, Helena joined a squad for the annual Sandhurst Competition. While they placed 10th overall, a different West Point squad won the competition, with a squad from Sandhurst taking second, and one from Starfleet placing third.West Point also defeated Starfleet in the annual Football game making the 2154-2155 academic year a high point for the Black Knights.

In March of 2156, the cadets were released for spring break with little indication
of the drastic changes that would shortly affect them. Word soon came in that the Romulans had launched an attack on Starbase 1. While the United Earth government and the Coalition of Planets met to discuss their response, the cadets were recalled to the Academy. Unsurprisingly there was an overwhelming vote to declare war on the Romulan Empire. The first class cadets were informed that barring any sudden need for extra troops on the front-lines, they were still on track to graduate the first week in June. Despite that, they were told their original assignments may be modified due to the conflict. Due to her major in International Relations, Helena was slated to assigned to the embassy on Andoria. However, she was informed that instead she was to join the 129th MACO Battalion.

Romulan War:

The 129th was assigned to the planet Adrarth located near the Romulan border. Previously uninhabited, it had been turned into a forward operating base at the outbreak of hostilities.
A few months after arriving at Adrarth, Helena was assigned to the Intrepid Type starship, UES Taurus. In late 2157, the Taurus responded to a distress call from the Denobulan colony of Chendri which had fallen under attack. The MACO were transported to the surface in order to supplement the local security forces. Together they were able to hold off the hostile forces long enough to evacuate the civilian population.

Once she was deemed ready to return to duty, Helena was assigned to the Daedalus class UES Ares. In August of 2159, Starfleet learned the Romulans were using Sector 2148 as a staging ground for a planned invasion of the Sol system. Launching a preemptive strike, Starfleet was able to drive out the Romulans but a the cost of several hundred troops and multiple starships. Suffering major injuries during the campaign, Helena was sent back to Earth to recuperate.
After the Battle of Cheron and the resulting peace treaty between the Coalition of Planets and the Romulan Empire, the MACO once again had to adjust to the new climate. The creation of the Romulan neutral zone meant many troops would be stationed along the Starfleet side in order to provide a quick response should another conflict break out. However, the lack of an active enemy meant the MACO would likely be downsized in the coming years.

Therefore when Starfleet offered security positions for current or former members of the MACO, Helena took the opportunity. She was given a commission in Starfleet equal to her current rank with the MACO and the position of assistant security chief aboard the Starship Sundsvall. As the NX-Class vessel had yet to be built, Helena was temporarily assigned to work security at Starfleet Command. It was in this role that she helped ensure the safety of the the signing of the Federation charter in August of 2161.

In October of that same year, the USS Sundsvall was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards. The ship was assigned to the Zostradus sector, the edge of which bordered the Neutral Zone. In late December the crew of the Sundsvall responded to a distress call from the inhabitants of New Klevia. It was soon discovered they were suffering from what would become known as the Useon virus. The ship remained in orbit for several months until a cure was developed and distributed to the population.

Loss and Reappearance:
The Sundsvall’s report of success at New Kleva was the last report received by Starfleet. A search was conducted for the starship, but when no signs were found after 2 months, the ship was officially declared lost with all hands. In late 2383 the ship was discovered by the USS Kazanga, battered but intact. An investigation by Starfleet and Temporal Investigations revealed the Sundsvall had traveled through a temporal anomaly. The decision was made not to send the crew back to their original timeline, but to allow them to remain in the present. Severely damaged, the Sundsvall was towed back to the Sol System by the Kazanga. Thanks to the efforts of both ship's engineering teams, the Sundsvall was able to make the entry into the Sol System under her own power.

Modern Starfleet:
During the trip to Earth, Helena made the decision to join the modern day Starfleet. With 200+ years to get caught up on, Helena enrolled in Starfleet Academy as a security major. During her time at Starfleet Academy, she took interest in both the Cardassian and Dominion Wars. While not around for the rise and fall of the Maquis, Helena made some waves for her retroactive support of their cause.

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2387, Helena was assigned to the Norway Class USS Thoris as a security officer and a member of the ship’s Honor Guard for diplomatic missions. While she enjoyed working the various diplomatic missions, she would often butt heads with both the Security Chief and Chief Diplomatic Officer who were very much by the book. That, and not feeling like she was making a difference, lead to her accepting Admiral Rhoades' offer to join the crew of the Nomad in 2388.
Service Record January-March 2150: MACO Basic Training @ Delta Pavonis

March-May 2150: MACO Infantry School @ Delta Pavonis

June 2150-June 2152: Private First Class, 129th MACO Battalion.

July 2152-June 2156: Cadet @ West Point Military Academy, Earth

2156: 2nd Lt, 47th MACO Battalion @ Adrarth

2156-2158: MACO on-board UES Polaris (2 Lt/1 Lt.)

2158: Promoted to First Lieutenant

2158-2159: MACO on-board UES Ares (1 Lt)

2159-2160: Patient @ Kocher medical facility, Earth

2160: Transferred Commission to Starfleet with rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade

2160-2161: Starfleet Security, Earth ( Lt. j.g.)

2161-2162: Assistant Security Chief, USS Sundsvall (Lt. j.g.)

2162-2383: Temporal Anomaly

2384-2387: Cadet @ Starfleet Academy

2387-2388: Security Officer/Honor Guard: USS Thoris (Ensign)

2388-Present: Security Officer: USS Nomad (Ensign)