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Chief Warrant Officer Sanne Bakker

Name Sanne Lieke Bakker

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 114 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sanne has a lithe build with slender, feminine curves, clear, light skin, past shoulder length straight hair which she usually wears in a loose pony tail and a face which is often called 'winsome.'


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr. Witte Bakker
Mother Barbara Bakker
Brother(s) Lieutenant Colonel Maarten Bakker, SFMC
Sister(s) Tess Wagner
Dr. Lotte Bakker-Garland
Other Family Rear Admiral Cecil Lewis (mother's younger brother)
Hayun Bakker (paternal grandmother)
Unknown Ullian ancestor (maternal)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sanne would tell you that she has mellow with age. She still enjoys a good challenge, both mental and physical, but prefers to challenge herself, rather than find challenges from others. As such, she avoids indiviuals whose idea of courtship/establishing friendship/whatever is to prove they are "just as good or better" than her. She is very competent within her field and knows it, but is also aware of her limitations.
Ambitions As Sanne would put it, "to see what is around the next corner."
Hobbies & Interests Rock Climbing
Adventure Racing
An eclectic mix of martial arts
Obstacle courses
Puzzles of all sorts, as well as their histories
Has recently taken up pottery and sculpture, thoush she admits that "If I had to make a living do this, I'd starve."

Personal History The youngest child of Dr. Witte Bakker (a noted medical researcher at the Daystrom Institute) and Dame Barbara Bakker (the creator of popular fictional historical holonovels), Sanne grew up in a happy household where her parents made sure that not only were Sanne's more adventurous ambitions nurtured, but that her intellectual capabilities weren't overlooked. Thus, Sanne not only gained a small amount of celebrity by being the youngest winner (at age 18) of both the centuries old Okakisya Challenge (a very complex obstacle course held in Bozeman, Montana) and the somewhat more recently established Cherep Drobilki competition (a more physically confrontational contest held in Volgograd, Russia), but she also earned a dual degree in linguistics and comparative cultures in that same year.

Sanne was also discovered to be a psychic "null." That is to say, although she possesses no telepathic or empathic abilities herself, she is also immune to being read or manipulated by those who do possess such abilities. It is a trait that occasionally appears on individuals on her mother's side (such as her uncle, Rear Admiral Cecil Lewis) and is said to be the result of an unknown Ullian ancestor on her mother's side of the family.

Not to anyone's surprise, she enlisted in Starfleet after her graduation, immediately attending warrant officer school and then receiving further training as an infiltration specialist. Though she served with distinction in the Dominion War, it was after the war that her true talent came to light: that of being a First Contact specialist. Sanne served aboard her uncle's vessel, the USS Golden Hind (though very few knew of her relationship with him) and demonstrated the ability to blend in with local populations in order to assist the Hind's command staff on whether and how to approach a race for purposes of First Contact.

It was at her uncle's request that she took an assignment on the Nomad

Service Record 2372 -- Warrant Officer Candidate School
2373 - 2373 -- Advanced Training, Infiltration Specialist
2373 - 2375 -- Starfleet Intelligence
2375 - 2378 -- Infiltration Specialist, USS Golden Hind
2378 - 2379 -- Advanced Training, Intelligence
2379 - 2381 -- Second Officer/Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Arunta (Wallace class ship)
2383 - 2387 -- Infiltration Specialist, USS Dupuy de Lôme
2387 - 2388 -- Senior Instructor, Advanced Training, Infiltration Specialist
2388 - -- Infiltration Specialist, USS Nomad