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Commander Brooke Niamh

Name Brooke Lucy Niamh

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 56kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slight but strong, short but feisty...


Spouse None
Children None
Father Warren Niamh (Deceased)
Mother Lucy Niamh (Deceased)
Brother(s) Three brothers (older)
Sister(s) Two sisters, (younger)
Other Family Grandparents Lorian and Lucy Niamh

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brooke is confident, strong willed however, has the ability to listen to others and works well as a team. She will consider her response if asked a question and is well educated. Brooke skipped a year at the academy and is exceptionally gifted when it comes to her intellect.
Strengths & Weaknesses Patient, confident, a great sense of humor and exceptionally positive. Brooke is a realist and has the ability to remain neutral during confrontation.
Ambitions Often touted as being on track for being the youngest admiral in the Starfleet, Brooke is expected to have a corner office in Starfleet Command by the time she is 35.
Her career is Brooke's main priority professionally, everything else is secondary.
Hobbies & Interests Brooke is a keen poet, artist and prolific poker player.

Personal History Born in 2361 to parents Lucy and Warren Niamh, Brooke was the youngest of their five children.
In an unusual set of circumstances, considering the Sitak was not considered a ship for housing families, Lucy and Warren also served alongside their four other children.

Brooke spent thirteen years aboard the Sitak, she was often spoilt by her family and the other officers aboard the ship as she was the only child aboard the vessel.

Her mother, the ship's first officer was renowned for bringing Brooke to staff meetings when she was an infant -much to the ship's captain's chagrin.

At the age of ten, Brooke watched the USS Voyager depart from Deep Space Nine and was in awe of the new, state of the art Intrepid-Class vessel -she was particularly impressed watching its warp engines change configuration before warping off to the region of space known as the Badlands.

The following year, the ship's captain was promoted to admiral and Niamh's mother became captain. Early signs of a rift in her parents marriage effected the whole family however, her elder brothers and sisters protected her from what was happening.

On her thirteenth birthday, Brooke was one of only seven survivors of the destruction of the USS Sitak which was destroyed during, Operation: Return -a mission to retake starbase Deep Space Nine from Dominion held forces.
The Sitak was one of many ships that were destroyed during the battle prior to Federation forces retaking the station.
Brooke witnessed almost her entire immediate family die when they were blown out into space following a catastrophic hull breach.
Saved by two junior officers and bundled into an escape pod, Brooke was found almost two days later along with the other survivors that had been forced to flee their ship...

Brooke was returned to Earth after two months of living on Bajor -her grandparents took her in and Brooke began her life again on Earth.

Whilst at school, it was clear that Brooke was gifted -both scholastically and socially. The following year, at the age of sixteen, Brooke entered Starfleet Academy despite her grandparents objections...

Brooke thrived at the academy, advancing quickly and even skipping the second year.

By 2379, at the age of 18, Brooke graduated from the Academy with the rank of ensign and assigned to the starship Orsis under the command of Captain Michael Telling.

Whilst aboard the Orsis, Brooke integrated well with her peers and made several friends despite being incredibly introverted -ironic, considering she was so sociable during her formative and Academy years. The ships counsellor believed this to be due to the pressures of her role as a junior bridge officer. Over time, Brooke began to loosen up and started to make friends with not only the senior staff, but with the junior ranks. Captain Telling often referred to her as ‘the bridge’ between the high-ups and the lower ranking officers.

Serving aboard the Orsis for five years, Niamh was promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade before departing for the starship Alaska. Telling had grown fond of his junior science officer, he personally arranged a leaving party for the young woman who had earned herself quite the reputation for getting the job done…

In 2384, Niamh arrived aboard the Galaxy-Class starship, USS Alaska. Originally, she had been assigned as the ship’s chief science officer however, due to a clerical error with Starfleet Personnel, Niamh was assigned to Stellar Cartography & Astrometrics.
Niamh naturally thrived in her new position and within three years, she had been promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

2387 - 2388 Content Limited and/or Classified

2387 - Classified Event
2387 - Assigned to Classified Project as Research Specialist
2387 - Promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander

In 2388, Brooke was assigned to the starship USS Nomad at the request of the admiralty to serve under Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Pierce as the ship’s Mission Specialist. Due to the nature of the mission, Brooke was promoted to the rank of commander -Starfleet felt that it would be more appropriate that, given her age and the members of staff selected for the mission that Brooke would be more respected as an officer with the rank given.
Service Record 2379 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
2379 - Assigned to USS Orsis
2384 - Assigned to USS Alaska
2387 - Assigned to Classified Project
2388 - Assigned to USS Nomad