The rules of the USS Nomad are intended to be simple and allow for fun gameplay in a mildly structured environment. While writing for the USS Nomad, it is helpful to have a list of a few governing principles to ensure everyone is having a good time. These basic rules cover everything from application submission, to website etiquette, to how you should be expected to perform as a representative of the crew. For reference, the command team comprises of the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All players must be over the age of 13. This is in order to comply with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) as well as relevant child protection and privacy protection legislation in the country of not only the Commanding Officer but where the Bravo Fleet server currently resides. All players wishing to join must provide at least their first name (no nicknames allowed, please) and also include their birth year. Any players found to be under the age of 13 will be immediately removed and banned from re-joining the USS Nomad until they have reached 13 years of age. All information provided is kept only to the view of members when they are logged into the website.

1. To create an environment where players enjoy writing, each member is expected to be respectful of the other players; this includes the command team. While there is. Players will bring concerns to the attention of the command team for resolution. Any player who is purposefully or habitually disrespectful, or outright harasses another player, will be removed.

2. All players, including the command team, while onboard the USS Nomad, must post at least three solid (i.e. minimum 500 words) mission post every month. As personal logs are included in the main mission storyline, they count as well, provided they are a minimum of 500 words as well.

3. Posts should always be in proper, grammatical English. Minor writing in other languages is acceptable to progress the storyline, however, all posts should be checked prior to submitting. Posts that are not grammatically correct or contain mistakes as noted by the Commanding Officer may be altered as such. Players are encouraged to write their posts (or additions to joint posts) in word processing software that has spell checker abilities to avoid any issues. Ongoing issues with posting will be directed to the player in the first instance, and ongoing issues may result in further action being taken.

4. Players who fail to post to the main mission for one calendar month at the time that the monthly simulation update news item is sent out will be removed from the simulation.

5. If a player is unable to post for seven (7) days or less, they should speak with the other players that they are writing with and let them know of any minor delays. A leave of absence (LOA) is only to be used when a player will not be able to post for anywhere between seven (7) days and fourteen (14) days. An extended leave of absence (ELOA) is for between fifteen (15) days and thirty (30) days. Any absence requested longer than 30 days will need to be discussed with the command staff prior to their beginning. Players who abuse the leave of absence system to avoid posting will be removed from the simulation.
a. All leave of absences (LOA and ELOA) must be correctly submitted via the website, and not via personal emails. Players must provide the duration in days (i.e. fifteen days) and not in date format, as well as a brief reason to why they are needing a leave of absence. Requests not submitted correctly will be rejected and the player asked to resubmit again.
b. Any players who serve as active (or reservist) members of the armed forces within their own country and request leave due to deployment or other military matters will be automatically approved for the entire duration. The USS Nomad wants to also thank all men and women of the serving armed forces for everything that they do to keep us safe.

6. Players who wish to join must submit a completed biography and may not use any canon characters, pictures or references to canon characters and ships/bases. Players are encouraged to reference and use canon events to detail their biography where possible. Players MUST also provide a correct and active email address, and must inform the command team of changes to their email address. Failure to provide a correct and active email address (i.e. bouncing emails) will result in immediate removal from the simulation.

7. All positions that are currently showing as Vacant can be applied for, if you wish to apply for a vacant Department Head position, you may do so. Applications and ranks will be determined based on what position is applied for, and in very rare cases will players be approved to change positions once they have been accepted. Starting ranks are determined by the command team and are not up for discussion. Starting ranks for positions are as follows, and are only the maximum rank that any player may begin with, but may change depending on the quality of the biography supplied when applying: -
a. Department Head (those beginning with Chief) have a maximum starting rank of Lieutenant JG.
b. Assistant Department Head (those beginning with Assistant Chief) have a maximum starting rank of Ensign.
c. All other positions within departments will have a maximum starting rank of Chief Petty Officer.
d. The exception to this is the positions of Head Nurse, Morale Officer and Chaplain, all of which appear in the Medical & Counselling departments. These positions are all considered officer positions and as such, will have a maximum starting rank of Ensign.

8. The USS Nomad does not have any marine or fighter personnel onboard. Players may not request to hold any positions usually found in these departments but are more than encouraged, where possible and within reason, to reference these positions if their character has held such positions prior to being on the USS Nomad.

9. Characters are split into two categories. Primary characters and Protected Non-Playing Characters. Primary characters are the characters that a player applies to join the USS Nomad with; they are the primary source of a player’s writing. Protected Non-Playing Characters are secondary characters owned by a player to not only expand the storyline but to allow the player to do more writing whilst onboard: -
a. All players are allowed a maximum of 2 Protected Non-Playing Characters, which will be linked to their account. All Protected Non-Playing Characters are the property of the player and will be removed from the manifest upon a player’s departure from the USS Nomad.
b. Prior to creating a Protected Non-Playing Character, players must seek approval from the command team.
c. All Protected Non-Playing Characters must have a basic biography (i.e. character information, physical appearance, service record) and at least one character photo. As with primary characters, Protected Non-Playing Characters may not use canon character names, photos or canon ships, but may utilize canon events.
d. Protected Non-Playing Characters may not hold any officer position whilst part of the USS Nomad, and may hold any enlisted or warrant officer rank as seen fit. The exception to this rule will be for Protected Non-Playing Characters linked to members of the command team.
e. Unless it is explicitly part of the main mission, it is expected that players will not utilize their Protected Non-Playing Characters more than their main Playing Character.

10. Players who wish to resign from the USS Nomad may do so through private message to the command team and will have their account (and any associated Protected Non-Playing Characters) suspended once the resignation has been accepted and will be banned from re-joining for 90 days (i.e. cooling off period). Any player who resigns in a public place will be immediately barred from re-joining the USS Nomad for a period of 6 months.

11. We all love Star Trek! The most important rule of all is to have fun and help the USS Nomad to create its own corner of the universe!